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"Urgh," Betty grimaces and groans, tossing yet another newspaper onto the stack beside her chair. It flops open to the editorial page of the New York Times; the headline "DOWN WITH EONS" marches side by side with one reading, "SAVE US EONS!"

"Ellie, this is not good."

Her roomate looks up from her sparkly pink fingernail polish and nail file. "Yeah…" Ellie sighs. "I don't know what to do though." Frowning, she looks back at her nails. "I don't know why, but I had three little girls withdrawn from my dance classes this week. Their parents withdrew them. I've never had anyone withdraw anyone from my classes before."

Betty picks up the next paper, the Washington Post. "Shunning…" she murmurs, before she buries her head in the next set of articles.

Re: Issue 10.5 by anailiaanailia, 09 Feb 2009 00:42

On the way home from Okinawa, you see the following news conference from Vice President Katie Swanson, the new President of the United States:

(GM's note: I only wrote this in about 15 minutes, so use your imagination to make it a more inspired, patriotic, rousing speech. Thanks ^_^)

President Kelsey Jones, the 44th president of the United States, has been assassinated. Along with President Jones, junior Senator Richard Forbes from Virginia was killed. They were killed by the creatures known as Howlers, seemingly semi-intelligent shapeshifters hidden under the ground for thousands of years until they were released and utilized by the Pantheon for their nefarious schemes.

At this moment, I, Cathleen Swanson, am the forty-fifth President of the United States. We are at a terrible, frightening time in our nation's history. Beings from out of this world are threatening our very existence. Closer to home, villains with unimaginable power threaten our security.

Early intelligence points to the outlaw terrorist group known as the Order of Tesseract as being responsible for releasing the Howlers against President Jones and Senator Forbes. As a result, I am immediately designating their leader, Dr. Clarence "Tesseract" Fitzgerald, as the most wanted man in America. He is to be considered EXTREMELY dangerous. Civilians should not, I repeat, should NOT attempt to apprehend him; only to alert the Department of Extraterrestrial Affairs or their nearest EON team.

In addition, the apprehension of Dr. Tesseract's two lieutenants is also now our nations top objectives. They are Mr. Ibrahim "Mamba" Emeagwali and Ms. Julia "Red Violet" Sakova, two terrorists with international criminal ties. They are wanted immediately for questioning about the assassination, and other related criminal EON activities.

I have heard word of various riots and disturbances around the nation directed against innocent EONs or people just suspected of being EONs. To those perpetrating the riots, stop. Now is not the time for such dissent. United we stand. Divided we fall.

To support me in this difficult time, I am nominating retired General Victor Kent to be my Vice President. Please support him as you did me.

We are Americans. We will pull through this. We always do. Thank you, and God Bless America.

EON Blue returns to a very, VERY tense Washington DC. The entire nation feels like it is waiting for the other shoe to drop. For now, the Pantheon's desired war between humans and EONs is being held at bay. But the situation is definitely a powder keg, waiting for just one single spark to light the whole world on fire.

Issue 10.5 by psyllogismpsyllogism, 09 Feb 2009 00:01

Marlun thought he was going to get no rest that first night. But eventually, sheer exhaustion consumed him and he drifted off into shallow sleep.

The next morning, the doctor came in to talk to Marlun. Marlun decides not to tell the doc about his encounter with Max last night.

The doctor begins: "I don't think there's any more reason for me to keep you. I talked about your case with a friend of mine from New York. He said he'd seen similar things after that Super Aurora the other night. The whole world's going mad, I tell you. They say now there's people that can pick up cars with their bare hands; shoot lightning from their fingertips; or make you see things that aren't really there. So a man whose skin has turned to metal is… normal now. The authorities haven't known how to react yet. For all I know, they might start rounding you people up, and start doing experiments on you, or something. I'm not going to be a party to that. You can go."

Marlun gets up tentatively, gives the doctor one more look backwards as he walks out of the room, then moves briskly to the hospital exit. One phrase the doctor said repeats in your mind: "You people".

(Nick: Feel free to fill in what happens in between here and what happens next. Regardless, sometime that very afternoon, you see the following on TV.)

A news camera shows an image of a large black metal disk sitting in what appears to be the National Mall in Washington, D.C.. The image appears to be live, with commentary unedited by the excited cameraman and reporter.

"There has been no comment by the government about this unknown flying object that has landed in Washington, D.C. less than half an hour ago. Witnesses report…" declares the reporter.

"Holy shit!" shouts the cameraman, and the reporter whips her head around to look at the craft. A rectangular door has appeared on the hull of the ship. With a hiss and an escaping of gas, the door opens down as a ramp. "Whatthefuck whatthefuck whatthefuck," mumbles the cameraman as the image shakes and jumps on the screen. Blurrily you see two small figures appear at the top of the ramp. They are only about 4 feet tall, with pinkish-gray skin and large, almond-shaped, completely black eyes. They slowly begin to walk down the ramp.

"Um, two… figures have appeared to walk out of the object," whispers the reporter, as if afraid that the beings will hear her. "They, um, don't appear to be human…"

Suddenly police and military are on the scene. "Turn it off, turn off the goddamn camera!" Shouts one officer at the cameraman. The camera image jerks around as the operator tries to get a clearer view of the object and the figures while the officer tries to intercept him. Finally you see the officer forcefully grabbing the camera, and then everything going black.

Well that certainly changes everything.

(Just make sure you stay in Philladelphia for the time being.)

Issue 1 - A Star is Born by psyllogismpsyllogism, 26 Oct 2008 22:10

(continued from Issue 8)


It soon becomes clear that Dr. Vaughn is nowhere to be found, and is likely dead, according to the DXA. Fiasco also is nowhere to be found, and the local authorities think they can begin to clean up the Chaos Army.

Obsidian, the EON captured at Dr. Vaughn's laboratory before the assault on Fiasco, admits to being a Chaos Army lieutenant for Fiasco. He also admits to being the one who put the bomb in Dr. Vaughn's laboratory. He is going to be held in the DXA SuperMax prison for a long, long time.

The DXA surmises that most of the other bombs planted were in Order of Tesseract strongholds or meeting places, one of which looks like it was housing alien technology that would have been used to deal with a Nord sarcophagus. This has certainly set Dr. Tesseract back from his ability to deal with the Nord Praetorian, believed to be somewhere on the dark side of the moon. But probably not for long. DXA intelligence shows Dr. Tesseract is already on the black market looking for replacement technology.

David "Icarus" Vaughn of EON Force returns to Baltimore-Washington to deal with the disappearance / apparent death of his father. He doesn't blame EON Blue one bit.

Meanwhile, in response to continued EON violence in Maryland and elsewhere across the country, representative Richard Forbes reveals that he has a huge announcement to make to the public in the next couple days. The DXA isn't even entirely sure what he will have to say.

Issue 8.5 by psyllogismpsyllogism, 07 Oct 2008 01:51

Part 2: Man of Steel

"Doc, what does this all mean for Marlun?" Karl asked when Marlun mulled the facts over.

"At this moment, I am not sure. I am keeping you here overnight, Marlun, as a precaution. I have some blood tests to run and you should take it easy at first. Remember, you just came out of a coma and I hoping the tests will indicate you are back to normal again."

'Normal,' Marlun thought wryly, 'Why do I get the feeling that I'll never be normal again?'

The doctor leaves the group with an awkward, tense silence. Karl coughs, Ava shifts, but all Marlun does is stare at the image on the screen, the image of him as some kind of freak. Karl, who has known the magician longer than anyone, cannot read the man now, cannot tell what he is thinking. Finally, it is Marlun who speaks.


"Yes, Marlun?"

"I need you to do something for me. Something important is happening, and not just to me either."

"Sure, boss. What do you need?"

"Until you come back tomorrow, I need you to look into current events, in and outside the city. I need to know if anything else strange has been happening, strange like what has happened to me. If there are others out there, I want to know what they are able to do. I might be stuck bedridden for a while, but we need to know what the score is."

"Alright, but what do I tell the theater manager, Marlun? He's been chomping at the bit ever since you…well, since you came to the hospital."

"You won't tell him anything, Karl. Ava will."

"I will? But this is Karl's territory, not mine."

"This time, it will be your business. At this point, we need charm as much as we need finesse and you, my dear Ava, have both," Ava blushes lightly. "After you talk with the theater manager, call a packing company. I want anything salvageable from my apartment to be packed and stored for later pick up. Have them pack everything worth saving, and I want you there to point out what's important and what isn't."

"Sure, Marlun. But what about when you are done here at the hospital?"

The magician pauses, considering what to tell those closest to him, those who would do most anything for him. "I have not decided yet, but it may be time to leave Philadelphia and start fresh." Both Karl and Ava protest, but Marlun continues, "This city, and potentially the people beyond it, are in the middle of a great change. I can feel it. Whatever happened to me didn't just happen to me and I, WE, need to find out why. I know you are partial to this city. Of all of them, I have come to love Philadelphia the most, if you can truly love a place. Something tells me the answers aren't here, though, and I want answers." Marlun flops back onto his bed, exhausted. The entire ordeal has taken more out of him than he'd ever admit, even to those he cares about most.

"Alright, Marlun," Karl says, sighing incontentedly, "We should go. There is a great deal for us to do and you need your rest. But do us all a favor. At the very least, reconsider your thoughts on leaving Philadelphia. You said you've come to love this city. This city may have also come to love you as well." The magician nods lightly, drifting off. "Come on, Ava. Let's leave him to his rest. He'll come around. You'll see." The two leave as Marlun drifts off into a deep sleep.

Dreams plague the young magician, causing him to toss and turn restlessly. In his dreams, Marlun falls and falls, like with the child, only this time he is alone. Through dark colors and explosions of white light he falls. Sometimes, the fall is impossibly fast; other times, he floats near weightless. But the falling remains the same. Sensations, those unlike any Marlun have ever experienced, washes over him in cascades, his mind barely able to withstand their constant barrage.

Suddenly, Marlun sits straight up, gasping for breath, fully awake and alert. The magician clutches his chest, vainly trying to remove the tight feeling that had taken up residence where his heart should have been. 'Some nightmare,' he thought, grimacing painfully. 'Must've been the hospital food.'

"Hello, Marlun. It's been a long time."

Across the room sat a man in the room’s chair, vaguely silhouetted in the moonlight. A gun shone in the same light, pointed casually, but directly, at Marlun. The magician tried to make out the man behind the voice, behind the gun, but couldn't quite make him out. Who was this man?

"Surely you haven't forgotten me already? After all we've been through…” The man leaned into incoming light, revealing the grim visage of Maximilian Case.

"Max? Max, what're you doing here?"

"I saw your little 'stunt' on the news last week. To think The Magnificent Marlun would ever do a trick for no profit, I just couldn't believe it. I had to come and see you, old friend. I was surprised to learn that you, along with many, many others, have become able to do the impossible. Especially you and I, who have trafficked in pretending the impossible, can finally give the people what they've always wanted."

"Max, why are you pointing that gun at me?"

"This little thing? Well, I couldn't have you calling for anyone before I had a chance to talk to you, now could I? Sometimes, when your activities are considered extralegal, the wrong people get notified and that can ruin your fun. Let's just say there are those who won't let me have my cake and eat it too."

"Cut to the chase, Max. Say your piece or get out of my room. I don't have the patience for your mouth tonight."

"Temper, temper, Marlun," Max chuckled, getting up and moving closer to the bed. "Such harsh things can get you into so much trouble these days. But I'm a forgiving soul. I'm willing to forget all that you've done and what's come between us, for one little tiny thing on your part."

"Which is?"

"Join me, Marlun. I know the kind of man you are and what you are capable of. More importantly, I want to know what you are able to do now and how we can both benefit from it. You have a gift, just as I do. Let's work together, like we did years ago. This entire city could be our oyster."

Marlun stared at his old acquaintance, confused. Gifts? Extralegal activities? The magician wasn't sure what Maximilian was getting at, but it sounded like the Max of old; a great deal of hot wind and just as much substance.

"I don't know what you are driving at, but I don't want any part of your schemes, Max. I didn't want them years ago and I don't want them now. What made you think I would?"

"I didn't, actually. I had hoped, a little, that you would have mellowed on the issue over time, but I was wrong. You're still the stand-up and honorable con artist, where as I am the lowly knave, as you once put it. Oh well, at least there are some who think of my goals as worthwhile."

"Who, in their right mind, would want to work with a closet psychopath and his delusions of grandeur?"

Case twitched a little at this, visibly bristling at the insult, and raised the gun higher. Marlun tried sinking further into his sheets and grasped the safety bars tightly. Max forced a laugh, continuing, "Oh, there are people, Marlun. Powerful people who need people like me. The East Asians took me in, turned me around, and have treated me like family. It's wonderful. But they are nothing like my personal fan club."

All around him, Marlun heard a wave of "Hello, Marlun" as copies of Max stepped out from the shadows and surrounded his bed, all staring at him like he was a specimen for dissection. 'God,' he thought, fearfully, 'I'm still dreaming. I must be still dreaming. How can this be happening if not in a dream? Oh God, let me wake up, please.' The Maxes reached down and held him in place, preventing him from getting up or moving or even calling out. All he could do is watch them all, wide eyed.

"You see, Marlun," the main Max spoke, smiling sadistically, "I have my own personal group of friends now and they are just like me, in every way. I told you we have gifts. This is mine. What's yours?"

"I don't know. I've never done anything like this before. I don't know what's happening to me. Do you?" Marlun babbled, panicked. He was going to die here, held down in a hospital bed by his worst enemy and his clones.

Max sighed, pointing the gun directly at Marlun's head, "Then I guess what was on the news was a trick. If you can't do it again, then you really are worthless to me. It's a shame, really. We have so much in common, almost as much as my brothers here. Oh well. See you in the next world, old chum." With that, Max fired his weapon.

Time seemed to slow down for Marlun. It was as if all his senses were heightened in the moments before the bullet struck him. He could feel the soft cotton of his gown and sheets, the rough hands of the Maxes that held him in place, the cool metal of the bars he held for dear life, the smell of the gunpowder discharge. Then he felt it. Similar to his dream, yet not as forceful, not as overwhelming. Rather, it was soothing, comforting, like the bar in his hand, and it flowed throughout his body, covering it coolly. Time returned to normal.


"Tink?" the Maxes asked, confused, silenced by the head Max, "I shot him in the head, and all I got was 'Tink'?"

"Trust me, I'm as confused as you, old friend," Marlun said, getting up and out of bed, despite all of the Maxes holding him. Marlun moved them as if they were children.

"Well, well, well," the head Max said, whistling up at the steely Marlun, "This IS a development, isn't it? And here I thought I was going to be bored all night."

"You know how much I hate to disappoint," Marlun said smiling, shoving Max into the back wall, leaving a dent where he hit. The Max clones set upon the magician, but all they got where shoved down, bruised and broken hands and tossed aside. Marlun made his way to the head Max, lifting him up by his collar. "Call them off, Max. They can't stop me like this."

"Boys, enough," Max called, and quickly all of the Maxes disappeared into the head Max. "I was hoping you'd wise up. Seems like threatening you with your life DID work. This is just fine."

"What's stopping me, Max," Marlun growled, pulling his nemesis closer, "What's stopping me from dropping you out of that window and ridding myself of you permanently? Hmmm?"

"Several reasons, actually," Max laughed, "One, you wouldn't be rid of me even if you did. Those clones are handy for more than just muscle, let me tell you. Two, it wouldn't look too good for you to have killed a man with what you KNOW you can do now, would it? They'd come in and take you away, and where would that get you? Out of my hair, for one. And further," Max lowered his eyes and grinned even larger, "You didn't do it when you had the chance before, did you?"

"No," Marlun whispered, "I didn't." He let Max to the floor, who dusted himself off neatly, as if all was in order.

"Well, I'm glad that's all straightened out then. You should be thanking me, you know?"


"I just taught you an important lesson; how to use your gift. Some people are so inconsiderate. Ah well, be seeing you, old chum." Marlun watched as Max left, a knot of fear tightening in his steel gut. He sat hard on his hospital bed, bowing it under his new weight, and stared out into the Philadelphia night. Marlun knew he would get no further rest this night.

Re: Issue 0 - Origins by PrototaphPrototaph, 06 Oct 2008 03:41

Four hours after Dr. Vaughn left, Keiko and Dr. Colantuano were still shoulder deep in textbooks on the Roman Empire. Several books littered the floor where they had been cast aside after no pertinent information was discovered. More were piled on desks with multi colored post it notes marking pages that needed to be reread once the final books were sorted. A much smaller but still respectable pile remained, waiting to be classified as informative or useless. Keiko’s laptop had long ago been abandoned, the screen saver covering the Google search engine page filled with Japanese Anime references to Endymion as well as unreliable Wikipedia links. Dr. Colantuano muttered aloud to himself while reading and simultaneously copying some notes on to a post it. Keiko absently twirled her hair around her finger, her eyes having trouble focusing on the page she was attempting to read. Finally, she slammed the book shut, emitting a sizeable cloud of dust. She stood, sneezing, and launched in to her warm up routine for karate.

“I need a break. I’m doing eyeball exercises and not taking anything in any more. I’m going to the Student Center for some green tea. What a cup of coffee?”

Dr. Colantuano grunted something that might have been an answer. Keiko decided to assume he meant yes and, after checking her wallet to make sure she had enough cash, headed for the closest Student Center. After hours of research, she had narrowed down the possibilities to two moon goddesses: Diana, also known as Artemis, twin sister to Apollo and the Roman goddess of the moon and Selene, an archaic deity of the moon who appeared in the original Endymion myths. She just couldn’t see the independent Diana falling passionately in love with a Sheppard, even one as beautiful as Endymion, though the battle skills of a Praetorian guard may have seemed appealing. And Selene had mostly been forgotten by the time this version of the tale was told. It was difficult to decide between the two and of course, there was no record directly linking this Praetorian to either goddess.

Even though she was gone a mere twenty minutes, Keiko felt rejuvenated enough from her brief pause to dive back in to her research when she returned. She deposited Dr. Colantuano’s coffee in front of him (double shot espresso, no milk, tons of sugar) and went to retake her seat.

“Hey Keiko, come look at this will you?”

As Keiko shuffled over, she could clearly see Dr. Colantuano studying a map of Turkey during the years 0-400 CE. He was tapping a part on the coast, a slight half smile on his face.

“Latmus,” he insisted. “The Nord must be at Latmus.”

Keiko sipped her tea, considering her professor’s certainty.

“If we are following the original Endymion tale, Mt. Latmus of course is the logical place to begin. But I have not yet ruled out Artemis. At the time, she was the prominent moon goddess.”

“Yes, yes, yes, of course, but have you considered the Christian importance to the location?”

Keiko cocked her head, confused at the new direction of the conversation.

“Of course Christianity was a strong emerging religion at the time. Pope Clement’s exile and then martyrdom was during this time, the first formal Christian texts were being developed, and Christians were still a small voice in the grand scheme of the empire but they were a loud one. However, no, I guess I don’t understand how this ties in to our mystery.”

Dr. Colantuano tossed Keiko a worn paperback. She was surprised to discover that it was a travel book titled Guide to Greece. Curious, she opened to the page the professor had marked with a green post it. She read the highlighted passage out loud.

“ ‘For Endymion’s grave in Eleia… Herakleia near Miletos was an inland city south-west of Samos on the eastern shore of Lake Bafa at the foot of Latmos. There is a strange building at Herakleia, half a shrine of a divine hero and half a sanctuary of natural rock, which might belong to Endymion… Certain Christian fathers have maintained that Endymion was a saint, a mystic who tried to discover the name of God through the moon; his coffin was opened once a year in their time and the bones hummed melodiously…’”

Keiko had to reread the passage to herself. She felt as though her own bones were humming melodiously, so certain was she that they had found the location. A place where a coffin was said to be buried. Bones that hummed when the coffin was opened. Even if the coffin was not opened, she would not be surprised if the alien technology somehow produced the humming sound spoken of in this passage. She looked up, still speechless at her smiling mentor.

“It makes perfect sense, does it not? The Romans at the height of their power, full swing in Pax Romana. The Praetorians being used to protect the ever growing borders of the empire. It is perfectly possible that this Nord stumbled across ancient references to the almost forgotten deity Selene while on a mission to Mt. Latmus. Or perhaps Selene herself was real, whether she simply was a beautiful mortal or even a Nord herself. In either case, he fell in love with her and in so doing, re-enacted this old story by falling into a deep slumber. I bet that you can find him there.”

Keiko was already packing her belongings. She called out a quick goodbye as she grabbed the guide book with the precious marked page out of Dr. Colantuano’s hand and whipped out her cell phone as she left the library. Dr. Vaughn’s number was already dialed when she reached the parking lot…

Re: Issue 7.5 by SereneMoonCloudSereneMoonCloud, 02 Oct 2008 01:44


Dr. Francis Vaughn, dear leader of the ragtag EON Blue outfit, decides to pay a visit to the research archives of Professor Colantuano and his prized student, Keiko Inazuma.

The large, jovial Italian, Professor Colantuano, warmly greets the drawn, haggard Dr. Vaughn. "So Francis, I have heard on the news, this 'Order of Tesseract'. Why have we not caught up with them yet, eh?", he jokes.

"Oh, that damn 'reality show'", complains Dr. Vaughn, "How embarrassing!"

"What, that it exposed your 'Order' problem to the world?" Professor Colantuano asks.

"No! That it was only to be our first one with EONs in America! The damn Japanese have already had 3, and the aliens only landed in February! Uh, no offense, Keiko," he hastily corrects. "But they're beating us at everything these days! Like those alien-powered Battlesuits! Nobody's deployed anything like that here in America yet. Which is why I've taken it upon myself to do it. But there's so much to do! Which reminds me why I'm here."

Professor Colantuano looks on expectantly.

"Have you ever heard of the Endymion myth?" continues Dr. Vaughn. "The Roman myth about the mortal guy that the moon goddess fell in love with and put to sleep forever so that he would live forever for her. Or something like that, I'm not much of a myth guy," Dr. Vaughn adds as Professor Colantuano is about to sputter several corrections to Dr. Vaughns rough story.

"Anyway," Dr. Vaughn says, "some of my guys found something that I think may be related to our little search for all the Nords. It was originally thought to be an extremely obscure variant of the Endymion myth, but it has several peculiarities I want you to consider."

"One: the story is dated to first or second century A.D., which not only is much later than the Endymion myth, is much later evidence for any Nord on Earth until Champion and Blackguard showed up. All other evidence has them being around more than ten thousand years ago or so."

"Two: The character in the story, who is never called Endymion, also is unlike any other characterization of Endymion before. Here, he is a Praetorian guard of the Roman emperors. There is no record of where he came from, but apparently he stayed around for decades before disappearing."

"Three: They call him a demi-god, instead of a mortal. He's said to have the strength of a thousand men, and that swords and arrows bounce off his skin like armor."

"Four: However, it still ends like almost every other Endymion myth. He sets his eye upon Luna, the moon goddess. Eventually, he goes to her, but when he does, he falls into an eternal sleep."

Professor Colantuano pipes up. "I agree, that does sound like record of a Nord. But where do we find him, this… Praetorian?"

"I don't know," Dr. Vaughn responds. "That's what I want you two to figure out."

Meanwhile... by psyllogismpsyllogism, 30 Sep 2008 23:18

A little while later, Betty calls Ellie from her room. "Hey Ellie! Come take a look at this!"

Ellie sees that Betty has paused the TV on some sort of Entertainment News show. Betty rewinds the TiVo to the beginning of the segment.

"America's first attempt at an all-EON reality TV show was put on hold today when revalations appeared that cast member Zacharay Barker was a member of the shadowy Pantheon organization.

The Pantheon, headed up by the murderous Nord, Blackguard, and the two former EON Force members turned criminals, Castor and Pollux, is an organization dedicated to establishing certain EONs as the rulers of humanity. They feel that they are, literally, gods among mortals. The organization has in many ways taken on the rituals and trappings of a cult around several of the more powerful EON criminals.

Barker, who goes by the name 'Optic' because of his powerful ocular abilities, is said to be specifically a member of the 'Order of Tesseract', headed up by former Professor Clarence Fitzgerald of the University of Maryland. Based around the Baltimore-Washington region in Maryland, Professor Fitzgerald, or 'Tesseract' as he is now called, has been quietly establishing his Order for a number of months. Previously he has faced off multiple times against the team that would become EON Blue, with no victory for either side.

Barker's allegience to the Order of Tesseract was suspected when producers spied a small tattoo on his neck that is a symbol of the Order. The tatoo consists of a six-sided figure inside another six-sided figure, with three lines criss-crossed in the middle:


Barker's involvement with the Order of Tesseract was confirmed when the producers confronted him about it, and Barker immediately put up a struggle. Sources say that he hypnotized one or more of the producers to fight against the others. At least three producers are still in the hospital, and right now the immediate whereabouts of Zachary Barker, a.k.a. Optic, are unknown…"

Re: Issue 7.5 by psyllogismpsyllogism, 17 Sep 2008 17:42

"Betty!" cries Ellie, interrupting Betty's Monday Evening TV shows by bursting into the room and flopping onto the couch. Three pillows fall on the floor. "I have a problem."

Betty sighs, smiles a little, and replies in a resigned voice. "What?"

"Well—" Ellie takes a deep breath, "Suppose-you-caught-someone-not-doing-nice-things-and-you-made-them-get-in-trouble-like-really-bad-trouble-like-as-bad-as-can-get-trouble-and-they-then-got-loose-and-have-superpowers-" She stops at the sight of Betty's eyebrows, which are rapidly dissapearing into her hairline.

"Ellie, is there something you want to tell me?" she asks.

"No-oo… well. Um." Ellie looks uncomfortable, then shrugs, and smiles. "Just keep an eye out for things falling up." She pops up off the couch and heads to her room, just as the commercial break starts.

Re: Issue 7.5 by anailiaanailia, 16 Sep 2008 14:38

(Following the events from Issue 7):

Whelp, two villains down, one villain up, is still a net positive, right? Unfortunately, the one villain up is the fiendishly powerful Joey Fiasco, and who knows what havoc he can wreak with his chaos-inducing abilities.

The city begins to rebuild from the massive damage caused by Landslide's earthquakes, and a national debate begins to stir about the catastrophic effects of unchecked EON battles. Congressman Richard Forbes, avowed anti-EON warrior, isn't helping with his rabble-rousing rhetoric. Luckily, his views don't seem to be gaining much traction… yet. Amazingly, EON Blue's personal interviews have actually improved the perception of your team in the public's eye.

One last unfortunate thing: the captured Basma Elgabri, aka Simoon, "slipped through the cracks" (so to speak) on her way to detention. Her current whereabouts are unknown. Luckily, Lance Lindenbergh, aka Landslide, is safely behind bars (or actually, vibration-proofed alien materials, but you get the idea).

All you can do is keep on the lookout for Fiasco, as he is sure to pop up again sometime soon…

Issue 7.5 by psyllogismpsyllogism, 12 Sep 2008 14:07


So who is Ava? Also, by one week later, people with strange powers such as Marlun's are popping up all around the world.

Don't jump the timeline too much farther (no more than a day or two). There's an important event about to happen… Once you finish your Part 2, I'll give it to you (and we can leave this "Origins" thread)

Re: Issue 0 - Origins by psyllogismpsyllogism, 10 Sep 2008 15:58

Part 1: Awakenings

Marlun blinked, dry eyed, and immediately slammed his eyes shut again. The bright florescence burnt fiercely in his eyes, like he hadn't used them in days. With a scratchy voice, Marlun croaked, "Wha…Where am I?" Several feet in front of him, he heard, "Oh Marlun, thank God. We've been so worried about you," It sounded like Ava.

"A…Ava? Is that you? Where am I?"

"Marlun, calm down. Your writer forgot about you for nearly five months and is just now getting around to your story…"

The magician shook his head, regretting it. "What did you say?"

Calmly, Ava repeated, "I said, you've been in a coma for more than a week. The doctor's…they said you might never come out of it…but they also said they've never had a patient quite like you before either…"

Finally, his vision was clearing and he could see Ava at the end of his bed. His bed? "Ava, why am I in a hospital? And why did they say 'never had a patient like me before'?"

At that moment, Karl came around the corner. Anxiety had clearly taken it's toll on the man; he looked more strung out and drained than Marlun could ever remember seeing him. But, after seeing Marlun awake again, Karl brightened noticeably. He strode over to the bed, clutching Marlun's hand tightly, saying, "Thank God you're awake again, Marlun. I've been so worried; I've barely eaten or slept. How do you feel? Do you need anything? Do you want…"

"Easy does it, old friend. What I feel is concern and confusion. I don't know why I'm in a hospital and I don't know why I was in a coma. Let's start by answering THOSE questions first, yes? That's how I feel and that's what I need. Where's my doctor?"

Karl smiled wryly, despite Ava's shocked look, "Same old Marlun. Despite being down for the count, you're still the same old boy on the inside. Sit tight; I'll get the doctor."

"Sit tight? Where would I go? I'm practically strapped in here."

"It was for your own protection, Marlun," Ava said, meekly, sitting down again.

"Protection? From what? I thought you said I was in a coma…"

"You were," a doctor said from the doorway, "And, until your friend here told me you'd awaken, I wasn't sure we'd ever getting a proper introduction. I'm Doctor Hathaway. I've been monitoring your progress ever since they brought you in, nine days ago. You're lucky to be alive, Mr. Weiszman, let alone awake."

"Marlun will do, Doctor. And can you fill me in why I am so lucky?"

"Actually, we were hoping you had some of those answers." The doctor picked up a remote and turned on the TV to a news broadcast. Marlun noticed it was from nine days ago. "This was being taped outside your apartment while it was ablaze, nine days ago, the day you were brought to Wills Eye…” The doctor turned the volume up.

"…outside The Phoenix condominium plaza, where a blaze has broken out. Firefighters, along with the police, have arrived to control the fire, and I have been told that more trucks are on the way. As of yet, there has been no indication how the fire was started, but the police have not ruled out arson as a possibility. We spoke with the owner of The Phoenix and we were assured…"

Cathy Gandolfo's next words were lost behind a large, demolition-like sound, followed by a second one. The camera, once righted, focused on the side of the building. A moment ago, merely flame and smoke damaged, now a large hole existed, as if a wrecking ball had hit it. The commotion was so great, the words of anyone were lost in the crowd as the camera crew rushed forward, trying to get a better view of the carnage.

"So a bomb or something went off. It must have happened after I passed out, yes?"

"Keep watching, Marlun. This is the part you have to see," the doctor said soberly, never looking away from the screen.

The words of Miss Gandolfo could be heard again, "If you are still receiving this, it appears something has happened to the building. What looks like a potential explosion has rained debris onto the ground, We are attempting to get a closer look, hopefully for some clue on why or how this happened. There is so much dust…"

With those words, a strong breeze seems to clear the area a bit. There, lying in a crater in the street was Marlun clutching a small child. Both were unconscious, but Marlun looked odd, almost inhuman. His entire body had taken on the hue of cold, grey steel, while the child did not. It was here the doctor paused the clip and turned back to the shocked magician.

"Were it not for the property damage to one of the citys finest buildings, I would almost believed you staged the whole event for the sake of publicity," Doctor Hathaway admitted. "However, I don't think you would cause millions of dollars of damages and put yourself into a coma for your profession. Only the fanatical and insane do, and I know you're neither."

"So what DOES this mean, doctor?" Marlun whispered, barely audible.

"We are working on that. The police forced the news team back, but I will tell you what was told to me, though I scarcely believe it myself. The EMTs on the scene separated you and the child for transport. When they…” The doctor started, but the magician interrupted.

"THAT KID!" Marlun exclaimed, pointing at the frozen picture. "I remember now! The fire alarm woke me and I rushed to leave. The halls were deserted, but I heard a child crying. So I went to find the kid, THAT kid. She was several floors up, so I rushed up to her floor, I forget which, grabbed her and rushed back down. Once I got down to MY floor, I slipped or missed a step or something like that and we fell. Then I blacked out. I don't remember anything about an explosion or EMTs or…or…THAT!" The magician fell back, noticeably drained but there was a satisfied look in his eye. "The child…How is she? Did she make it?"

"Yes, she did. Much better than you, actually. Other than a little smoke inhalation, she was mostly shaken by the ordeal. She's been in here, with her parents, once or twice now after we let her go," Doctor Hathaway assured Marlun, but still looking concerned. "As I was saying, the EMTs attempted to put you into the ambulance but couldn't."

"Couldn't? Why?"

"Apparently, you were far too heavy, even for three EMTs, three police men, and two firefighters. According to your records, you weigh around 200 pounds. Not so at that moment. But here's where it gets even odder. While the men were debating what to do with you, your entire body, clothing and all returned to its normal coloring. They tried to move you and apparently it only took two of the EMTs. Puzzled, they drove the both of you here for treatment."

Continued in Part 2

Re: Issue 0 - Origins by PrototaphPrototaph, 06 Sep 2008 04:55

Leon Vargas closes his eyes and you feel a very slight tingling in your head. "Ah, I see," he says. "Somehow you have time-traveled from the past." He steals a glance to the elderly woman you have carried along, still unconscious. "And somehow, she is probably involved." He frowns, lost in thought.

"We'll have some of our medical people look at this woman. But we don't have access to any hospitals, and our medics are mostly trained in battle medicine and not general medicine. Also, we aren't planning to stay here very long. But we'll do what we can…"

"In the meantime, make yourselves at home. If you need anything, just ask. I have to go tend to the battle and defense plans. It's been good to see you again," he says, and turns to walk away.

What do you do?

Issue 5.5 by psyllogismpsyllogism, 06 Jul 2008 23:37

uuuummm… honestly don't know how to post that stuff on here… and your summaries are snappy!

Okay then. But then maybe you can be the one to transcribe it to here afterwards so people can refer to it between sessions ;-)

Re: Out of Character Thread by psyllogismpsyllogism, 12 May 2008 12:43

Yes but it is inconvenient while playing to have several laptops up at once and you've already got so much to do GMing that you shouldn't have to keep referencing back to a character mid game play. This way I've got it written down and we can reference it back at any time while playing.

Dr. Vaughn (Daedalus) gathers you all together for an update on what's going on around your world:

We've lost track of the alien being known as Blackguard, but at least he hasn't surfaced publicly yet. We think he's been in contact with Castor and Pollux, but that can't be confirmed. We currently have EON Force tasked with investigating that link. However, as long as Blackguard is incognito, the Office of Extraterrestrial Affairs has decided to keep Champion under wraps as well. They don't want to make the public nervous. Not my preference, but hey, I'm not the director. I'm just middle-management.

The man you saw on the island of San Miguel was indeed Dr. Clarence Fitzgerald, former professor of physics at the University of Maryland and founder of Tesseract Systems Research. Intelligence seems to indicate that he is working with Castor and Pollux as the regional leader for their mysterious activities.

The woman in red is Julia Sakova, codename 'Red Violet', a Russian agent with ties to the Russian equivalent of Project EON. It would appear that she is working with Dr. Fitzgerald. Little else is known about her. We don't know exactly where her loyalties lie.

The "twins" you reported were probably copies of Maximilian Case, an EON criminal mastermind from Philadelphia with the power of duplication. He is also working with Castor and Pollux in some capacity, but more focused on areas north of us.

Closer to home, the hypnotic frontman 'Jumbo' was recently apprehended by police. He is currently held in a soundproof cell.

The bratty blonde Gale started going by the alias 'the Nightingale'. She attempted a prison break of her former crush, Joey Fiasco, but was thwarted because of her amateur antics. However, as a result, Fiasco has been moved to a secure, undisclosed location. Gale has since disappeared, but is rumored to be under the tutelage of Red Violet.

The former Strong Arm, Carlos Vasquez, is awaiting sentencing for all of his violent gang behavior and other crimes and misdemeanors. He's expected to be put away for a very long time. He swears vengeance to "the puta who ripped off my arms!"

Re: Issue 3.5 by psyllogismpsyllogism, 12 May 2008 02:00

Although, that sorta defeats the purpose for having a wiki…

Re: Out of Character Thread by psyllogismpsyllogism, 12 May 2008 01:55

I would just like to say that I just spent the last hour copying a summary of all the characters and issues into a Mutants and Masterminds journal that I will keep during our campaigns lol. My hand hurts a little! I aim to be the "official" note keeper so we can keep track of everyone we meet along the way. I should have done this sooner but you know… being a first year teacher and all… lol. Anyway, we have a secretary now!

In honor of the IRON MAN movie being released to theaters tomorrow, the Course of the EONs world is going to see it's first heroes with superpowered battle-suits. Check out Hogosha, the guardian of Japan.

Re: Issue 3.5 by psyllogismpsyllogism, 01 May 2008 13:51
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