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I grew up with games all my life: As a youngster, my dad taught me how to play Chess, Stratego, Risk, and other strategy games. I also played lots of Monopoly, Life, and other "classic" American board games. For birthdays, I got interesting games like The Omega Virus, Jurassic Park Game, and Dragon Strike. For a Gifted & Talented program in elementary school, I designed my own roleplaying-based board game.

Like many, I was introduced to "modern" board gaming with Settlers of Catan. Now I'm a German-style board game junkie and can't get enough. And, I've always had one or two tabletop game ideas in my head for as long as I can remember.

Here then I will try to actually flesh out some of these ideas into full-fledged game concepts. Then I will see where I go from there. I will likely update this in spurts. Sometimes the creative bug hits me and other times not. And sometimes, the creative bug steers me in other directions away from games. However, whenever I want to think about a new type of game, I hope to put the information here. Have fun perusing my tabletop-gaming psyche!

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