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I wrote down the rules to this game a couple years ago and saved it to a text file on my computer, then promptly forgot about it. I resurrected it just a couple weeks ago and it looked interesting enough for it to be the first game I posted here.

It's a two player game that only requires a deck of playing cards and a handful of tokens or markers to represent each player (coins, beads, checker pieces, etc).

The "theme" of the game is that the two players are competitve diamond hunters trying to amass more diamonds then the other player. They each start out with one diamond mine and from that try to expand their operations through growth or acquisition on their quest. Enjoy!


1. Shuffle the deck of playing cards (minus the jokers) and deal into three rows of 13 facedown piles of four cards: one row of four piles, a middle row of five piles, and a bottom row of four piles as shown (where the X's represent a pile of cards):


Piles are connected with their neighbors to the left, right, or diagonally.

2. Determine who goes first. Player one puts one of their markers on the top left pile. Player two puts one of their markers on the bottom right pile.


Each turn consists of a series of actions that always occur in order each turn. They are:

1. If the player "Passed" on their last turn, they may put one of their markers onto any one unclaimed pile adjancent to a pile with one of their markers already on it. (This action obviously can't be taken on either player's first turn)

2. PASS - The Player may choose to "Pass", taking no further actions this turn and passing the turn to the other player.

3. DIG - The Player may either:
a) Draw one card from any pile with their marker on it; OR
b) Discard one Spade card to draw two cards among any piles with their marker on it (they may draw 2 cards from 1 pile or 1 card from 2 piles).

4. GROW - The Player may discard one Heart card to place one of their markers onto any one unclaimed pile adjacent to a pile with one of their markers already on it.

5. FIGHT - The Player may try to forcefully acquire a pile controlled by the other player. To fight, the Player:
a) Declares which pile they are trying to acquire. It must be a pile controlled by the other player that is adjacent to one of their own piles.
b) Discards one Club card.

The opponent may choose to defend or not defend. If they are unable to defend or choose not to, go to "Defeat" below. To defend:
c) The opponent discards one Club card -OR- one Heart card with a face value greater than or equal to the Player's Club card. Aces are high.
d) If the opponent does defend, then the Player may choose to go back to step a) or end their turn. Otherwise, the opponent is defeated.

If the opponent is defeated, the Player may:
e) CONQUER - Take away the opponent's marker from the pile and place one of their own on it. They now own the pile; OR
f) RAID - The opponent chooses any one card in their hand and gives it to the Player

6. END TURN - If the Player has 7 Diamond cards in their hand, or it is impossible for the opponent to gain 7 Diamond cards, then the Player wins the game.


The game ends and a player wins when they have 7 Diamond cards in their hand, or it becomes impossible for their opponent to gain 7 Diamond cards.

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