Baltimore EONs - Backstory

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We Come in Peace

On January 31, 2000 an unidentified flying object crash landed in the middle of Washington, DC. The UFO was quickly identified as an alien spacecraft, and as a result a vast extraterrestrial cover-up that had been going on for decades was revealed to the public. The aliens, referring to themselves as Grays, revealed themselves to the world at large. The Grays promised a new era of openness and trade with the people of earth.

New alien technology began to filter through the global economy. Almost all of the technology was used for good and lawful purposes. Perhaps the most spectacular use came only a few months after the aliens revealed themselves. A Japanese researcher named Dr. Katsunori Sankai used some of the alien technology to create for himself a Battlesuit, a suit of powered armor allowing him to single-handedly fight against the Yakuza of Tokyo as the crime-fighter Mecha. A handful of other Battlesuits soon followed, such as Vega in Las Vegas, Nevada.

There shall come a champion

Beginning in late July, a number of people around the world reported a mysterious being around just as an impending disaster is miraculously averted. Word grew of this enigmatic "champion of the people", as it became clear that this being, while appearing human, is not wearing an obvious Battlesuit. Finally, on November 1, this being revealed himself to the world as Champion, the herald of a new race of beings called Nords that were created by the Grays to serve and protect humanity. The arrival of Champion was greeted with much optimism and hope.

During this time, Senator John McCain began to build steam for his election to the presidency. His only serious rival for the Republican nomination, Governor George W. Bush of Texas, dropped out of the race very shortly after the Grays revealed themselves to humanity. McCain, seen by most to be more able to adapt to the new change that the Grays posed, easily won the U.S. presidential election in 2000.

Even before he was inaugurated, McCain stated that he was going to create a Department of Extraterrestrial Affairs to oversee the American relationship with Earth's newfound friends. He appointed the little known but highly qualified Dr. Michael Swords to head this new agency.

Calm Before the Storm

Very soon after McCain's inauguration, a news team that was on site to report the capture of several escaped convicts catches on video a massive man on a rampage in Colorado. Bound by his promise of openness, McCain revealed a top-secret governmen project called Project Eon to the stunned American public. This program was designed to use the alien technology found pre-contact to create a breed of super-soldiers for the military. The rampaging creature was a failed experiment of this project, but McCain explained that there had been "dozens of successes".

Cooperation between the humans and the Grays continued to grow, and more Nords and Battlesuits appeared around the world. Most of humanity were in awe of the Grays and expressed feelings of hope and joy at their presence. The loudest voice of concerns came from wealthy British liberal activist David Icarus and his followers around the world. When the Grays attend the newly christened "G*" summit in the summer of 2001, Icarus was about the only one to express concern.

The Test of Our Generation

On September 11, 2001 two planes crashed into the World Trade Center in New York City. A third crashed into the Pentagon, and a fourth was brought down in a field in rural Pennsylvania. Champion was nowhere to be seen. President McCain reacted quickly to the tragedy, building international support for a campaign against the terrorist training camps backed by the Taliban in Afghanistan. Within a month, the United States and its allies invade the mountainous country to drive out al-Quaeda sympathizers.

What the Allies did not expect to find was enemy supersoldiers. A video surfaced showing a man identifying himself as Tokamak and holding several Allied troops hostage in the Afghanistan desert. In the video it could clearly be seen that this man was shooting bolts of electricity from his fingertips at the captive soldiers. President McCain, a former POW himself, was outraged at Tokamak's conduct and ordered the deployment of American supersoldiers in Afghanistan. The leader of this Eon Force, Marshal, found and apprehended Osama bin Laden in a cave in northern Pakistan. The mission was declared a success, and the Allies moved towards rebuilding the nation of Afghanistan.

Purpose of the Eons

The disappearance of Champion and the success of Eon Force prompted President McCain in early 2002 to turn Eon Force into a peace-time counter-terrorism unit specifically to defend against other enemy supersoldiers like Tokamak. They quickly found their first task when Champion seemingly returned, but instead of preventing disaster he is found to be causing disasters all around the world. Eventually, this Champion is revealed to instead be an evil clone named Blackguard. Eon Force, with the help of some of the other Nords and Battlesuits, were able to find the real Champion trapped in a stasis cell beneath the Mediterranean Sea and free him. In a climactic battle, Blackguard was defeated and stored in the stasis cell himself for the rest of time.

The Epic of Tokamak

In the meantime, Tokamak, who had disappeared sometime around the capture of bin Laden, resurfaced in the latter half of 2002 shoulder to shoulder with Saddam Hussein in Iraq. The marriage was brief, however, and Tokamak deposed Hussein and assumed control of all of Iraq. President McCain was briefed by Eon Force that Tokamak posed a great threat in Iraq, and McCain took that intelligence to the world at the United Nations. With the support of Eon Force, Secretary of Defense Colin Powell, and much of the international community, McCain prepares to go to war to contain Tokamak.

Rising Tension

As the world struggled to react to Tokamak, his allies, who called themselves the Pantheon, orchestrated a coup in Syria. The Allies began to encircle the Middle East in preparation for the impending conflict. Just weeks before the conflict began, an enigmatic figure known as the Red Fox disrupted worldwide satellite broadcasts to present his message that the upcoming war was all an alien ploy. But when Tokamak's actions sparked rioting in Kuwait and his Pantheon forces invaded to "help the Kuwaiti government contain the uprising", the Fox's comments when drowned out.

Within days, Tokamak's allies in Syria crossed the border into Jordan to "search for spies and saboteurs". Some of the forces reached as far as the border with Israel, where there were several border skirmishes. Israel responded by sending its own forces into Jordan, at which point Tokamak promptly declared war on Israel.

The Super War had begun.

The War to End All Wars

The United States and Allies quickly made a beach head in Kuwait, but fighting ground to a halt there after that. The Pantheon re-opened the front in Afghanistan, which tied down Allied forces there. The Grays and the Nords declared their neutrality in this "strictly human conflict".

At the end of 2003, Eon Force made a bold move in trying to capture Tokamak and ending the Super War once and for all. Tokamak and many high ranking Pantheon members were meeting for a secret project in the city of al-Hillah, Iraq. The Pantheon escaped and the purpose of the project was not uncovered, but everyone generally agreed that something terrible had been averted.

Until a massive earthquake shook most of southern Iran, and Blackguard re-emerged from the ruins to sow destruction and chaos throughout the region. Blackguard quickly threw his support behind the Pantheon, and things looked bleak for Eon Force and the Allies. Blackguard's entry into the war forced Champion and the Nords to take a stand on the side of the Allies.

On the Brink

Several things went wrong for the allies at the beginning of 2004: Iran was quickly overrun by Pantheon forces, and then Israel was conquered as well in early 2004. The Pantheon brought the Super War out of the Middle East when Pantheon agent Pogrom detonated several bombs on the Madrid metro during rush hour. And Pantheon infiltrators brought down the Egyptian government and replaced it with Tokamak's cronies.

On the back of the outpouring of sympathy over Israel's crushing defeat, Senator Joe Liebermann of Connecticut clinched the Democratic nomination for President. Then, in the first bit of good news for the Allies, Eon Force finally captured Tokamak alive in April 2004. He was held captive at an undisclosed location under control of the United States. His capture was met with guarded optimism, as fighting sputtered in the Middle East where Pantheon forces demoralized. Siezing the initiative, the Star of David, the Israeli national Battlesuit, leads a resistance movement that pushes back strongly against the Patheon invaders.

A rescue attempt by Blackguard was thwarted by Champion, but the political bickering between the United States and its Allies over whether or not where Tokamak was being held was secure enough strained the alliance.

In September 2004, Pogrom siezed an elementary school in southern Russia and demanded the release of Tokamak from Allied custody. Eon Force quickly interceded and rescued the hostages, only to find out that it was a diversion. Other Pantheon agents were able to sneak in and rescue Tokamak. Upon his return, fighting quickly re-intensified in the Middle East.

The Exodus

Then suddenly and without warning, every Gray left Earth on September 29, 2004. The event became known as the Exodus of the Grays. Every piece of Gray technology stopped working, including all of the Battlesuits. Furthermore, all the super soldiers lost their abilities.

Conventional fighting collapsed in the Middle East, and the Allied forces moved in to pick up the pieces as anarchy reigned and old hostilities flared up between the countries once united under the Pantheon.

With the departure of the Grays, all of the Nords had seemingly disappeared as well. The world lost most of the hope and optimism that it had gained from the arrival of the Grays. However, on December 26, when a major earthquake triggered a massive tsunami in the Indian Ocean, the first Nord Champion returned to glory and saved the people from certain tragedy. Some of the old hope and optimism was restored.

Return to Normalcy

The world did its best to more or less return to normalcy after the Super War. Law and order was restored throughout most of the Middle East and South Asia, and even some successes were made in bringing more moderate and modern governments into power in those areas. There were violent protests at this year's G8 summit as people tried to place the blame for the Exodus of the Grays. And a sense of impending doom was felt when, on the night of the elections in the United Kingdom, the costumed vigilante known as the Red Fox grabbed the airwaves once again and warned that "the worst is yet to come".

Land of Confusion

On August 22, 2005, the Cassini-Huygens probe, which had disappeared from contact many months earlier, flared once again to life. For the briefest instant, NASA scientists saw an image of a giant wave of cosmic energy before it enveloped the probe. All connection was lost again. After some hasty calculations, the scientists realized that the wave was headed straight for Earth. Within hours, the Cosmic Wave crashed into Earth's atmosphere. Amazingly, there was almost no death or destruction. There were, however, reports of strange happenings all around the globe.

On September 14, the U.N. World Summit convened in New York City. In the middle of the proceedings, the Red Fox suddenly appeared in the flesh, flanked by half a dozen people clad in regular street clothes. Any attempts to subdue him were soundly defeated by him and his strange group, who all obviously possessed superhuman powers. Red Fox then calmly addressed the captivated crowd, saying that the Cosmic Wave had done things that will forever alter the course of humanity, even more so than First Contact with the Grays did. Millions of people all over the world, normal people like those with him, had developed super-powers. Was the world ready for what was to follow? The Red Fox and his group then disappeared, leaving a stunned General Assembly.

Over the ensuing weeks it became obvious that the Red Fox was correct. Not only that, but all of the battlesuits had regained functionality, and the supersoldiers had regained their powers. Some of their powers had even increased. People became afraid of almost anyone having super-powers, and riots broke out in several major cities around the world with the discovery of pockets of superhumans. There is virtually a rebellion in the U.S. Congress as a handful of representatives and senators are outed as having newfound super-powers. In the resulting political power struggle and re-alignment, Representative Randy Forbes formed the House Committe on Superpowered Beings. Several calls are made for a Superhuman Registration Act, which a handful of countries around the globe soon pass.

During all of this, Tokamak resurfaced once again near Al Hillah, Iraq. He had been weakened and badly scarred, and was easily apprehended by Allied forces.

To Infinity, and Beyond

Some groups of superhumans began to organize into teams, such as the Guardians of Los Angelos or the Forces of Nature in Chicago, and began saving people around the world like the Nords or Eon Force did before. They also formed in response to individual or groups of superhumans using their new-found powers for crime and evil. The United Nations declared that the sudden appearance of superhumans dangerously shifts the balance of the world. U.N. Secreatary-General Kofi Annan predicted that there are only two paths open to humanity: terrible destruction even worse than the Super War, or a world where the people with their great power learn to shoulder their newfound responsibility.

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