David Icarus

David Icarus was an independently wealthy liberal activist operating in London, UK. After first contact with the Grays and then the Nords, Icarus became famous as the loudest voice against humanity's newfound allies.

He and his followers led several protests in the middle of events that were otherwise mass celebrations of the newfound prosperity brought by the arrival of the Grays. Specifically, he led protests at the 2000 G8 Summit, the 2000 joint meeting of the IMF and World Bank, and the 2001 "G*" Summit.

Icarus was also a traditional liberal activist, lashing out against globalization and the impending "War on Terror". Even in an era when so many conspiracy theories had been revealed to be true, David seemed to have even more. His followers published a book that they claimed to be a collection of his writings. This book, titled Tales from the Time Loop: The Most Comprehensive Expos of the Global Conspiracy Ever Written and All You Need to Know to Be Truly Free, laid out a massive global conspiracy of which the Grays were only an infintessimal part. The book was decried as the ravings of several madmen, for few believed that only Icarus himself wrote the book.

With the appearance of the Red Fox, a British costumed vigilante who espoused views similar to Icarus, many quickly linked Icarus to the former, despite Icarus' explosive denials that there was any link between them. Speculation mostly quieted down, though, when the deceased body of David Icarus was discovered on July 18, 2003 near his home. The death was surrounded by great mystery, and though the official inquiry ruled that it was a suicide, many questions still stubbornly linger.

The followers of David Icarus have now mostly dispersed, but some have begun to flock to the Red Fox. Some say that like his namesake, Icarus, of Greek mythology, David flew too close to the light of knowledge and was killed for it. Some of the crazier ones say that he wasn't truly killed and will be back one day to expose the rest of the conspiracy.

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