Department Of Extraterrestrial Affairs

The Department of Extraterrestrial Affairs, usually abbreviated as DXA, is the cabinet department established by President John McCain at the beginning of his presidency. It was originally tasked with handling all of the United States' dealings with the newly revealed Grays. President McCain appointed Dr. Michael Swords as the first Secretary of Extraterrestrial Affairs.

DXA and the Cosmic Wave

In the aftermath of the Cosmic Wave, the DXA was given new life. All of the alien technology left on earth had started working again, including the Battlesuits, and the supersoldiers had gotten their powers back. More than that, though, many of their powers had increased, and many more normal humans had begun spontaneously developing super-powers. President McCain resurrected Eon Force and this time put their control under the DXA. Furthermore, the department was charged with understanding the causes and effects of the cosmic wave.

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