Eon Force

Eon Force is a counterterrorism team put together by President John McCain in early 2002 charged with protecting America from threats both conventional and super-powered. They are led by the patriotic Marshal and based in New York City, USA.

Current members

  • Marshal - physical perfection
  • Blitz - super-reflexes and dexterity
  • Gossamer - generate force fields
  • Proxy - generate mental illusions
  • Sonance - manipulate sound waves to various effects
  • Spindle - technical prodigy
  • Wisp - invisibility

Former members

  • Beacon (MIA, assumed deceased) - clairvoyance
  • Flare (deceased) - generate light and heat
  • Javelin (deceased) - generate psychic bolts
  • Marksman (MIA, whereabouts unknown) - super-vision and reflexes
  • Mastadon (uncontrollable) - ultra-strong and tough
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