House Committee On Superpowered Beings

The House Committe on Superpowered Beings is a committee in the U.S. House of Representatives created by Representative Randy Forbes to oversee all legislation related to all extra-normal humans (including Project Eon subjects), robots and robotically enhanced people, extraterrestrials, and other "super-powered" beings. The definition seems to be up to the whim of Representative Forbes.

The Committee gained a lot of power incredibly fast since it was formed in the weeks following the Cosmic Wave. Several members of government, including Congressmen, have been outed as superhumans by the Committee. It has started to wrest political power from Dr. Michael Swords and his Department of Extraterrestrial Affairs. While many people compare the Committee and its Chairman, Representative Forbes, to McCarthy and the House Un-American Activities Committee, several more point out the actual threat posed to America by runaway superpowered criminals. As a result, the Committee holds a fair amount of support in the country. President John McCain, clearly less vigorous than he was during his first term as President, has not come out either for or against the policies and methods of the Committee.

The Committee's ultimate goal is to pass a Superhuman Registration Act in the United States of America. Well such an act does not necessarily hold widespread support as of yet, with the rise of Superhuman Crime and Terrorism there is a growing call for such an act or one very similar to the one proposed by the Committee.

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