Issue 3

Part I

2006 October 19 - Thursday

The Humanity Party Rally

A rally of the Humanity Party faithful took place at the Baltimore Inner Harbor featuring among other notables: the party's candidate for U.S. House of Representatives and current Maryland state Delegate Don Dwyer; and the party's candidate for U.S. Senate, spiritual leader, and current Representative from Virginia Randy Forbes. During the rally, a man in the crowd spontaneously ignites and plunges into the gathered Humanity party leaders. The unknown assailant is shot multiple times, but not before utterly immolating Delegate Dwyer. Sheikra rushes the Delegate to the hospital while the rest of the team attempts to control the crowd, but bitter resentment is in the air…

The Riots

As Representative Forbes is hustled away in his armored limo, a new super jumps down from a nearby building. He seems to be able to extend his arms to massive length, as well as lift cars and other heavy objects with ease. He also seems to seek revenge on the crowd. Incensed, the crowd turns to attack him, but the team defends him without harm to the crowd. However, the crowd's anger is not so easily appeased. When news quickly comes across the radio that Delegate Dwyer is dead, the crowd erupts into a fury, and many more similar crowds also erupt around the city. The team is left to control the riots breaking out across the entire metropolitan area.

Introduction to the Lunatics

In patrolling the city, the team comes across several superhumans being attacked by vicious crowds. However, some of the superhumans seems more vicious than the rioters. These include the already seen man with the extendable arms, as well as: a woman who appears to be made out of clay; a disturbed girl who emits mind-wrenching pulses of energy; and an unstable man with a just as unstable forcefield that explodes in concussive energy when struck. It soon becomes apparent that these four are connected through an older woman with a red fedora and red trenchcoat that they refer to only as "Grandma". At first apparently a victim of the riots, it seems that the group is actually stoking them, for reasons unknown.

The Villains Get Away

The team confronts the band of lunatics outside a police station in East Baltimore. When hard fought victory seems almost in their grasp, the tide turns as rioters come from one side of the street and police come from the other. Grandma quickly uses her emotion-altering abilities to turn both groups on our heroes, and the lunatics escape in the ensuing discord.

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