Baltimore EONs - Issues

Issue 1: The Bank Job

Ellie Drew, Penumbra, Sergeant Stonewall, and Sheikra each mysteriously and independently receive a summons from an acquaintence from their past that they never expected to hear from again. The summons cryptically requests for them to go to the Provident Savings Bank in Baltimore, MD. While there, the four were attacked by the brother/sister bank robber team of Rant and Rave. After dispatching the two young super-villains, the four were approached by Dr. Michael Swords, the Secretary of Extraterrestrial Affairs. He revealed that he was more than he appeared, and that he had dire need of their help.

Issue 2: The Search for Cavalier

The four of you investigate the seedy underground of the Baltimore smuggling market to search for a very important piece of cargo you believe is about to be shipped out of the Port of Baltimore: The local Nord celebrity Cavalier. After many twists and turns over a couple of nights, you finally confront Fiasco, the man who has grabbed the reins of the local 'Ndrangheta, who have superceded the Sicilian mafia as the most powerful organized crime syndicate in the region. Despite his alien weaponry and incredible luck, you manage to take the stasis cell away from him and capture his heavy hitting bodyguard Ballistic, but Fiasco is able to get away unscathed. You have now recovered one of the lost Nords, but the question remains: who captured him in the first place?

Issue 3: Doctor of Discord

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