The Pantheon is a group of non-American supersoldiers organized by Tokamak. It was formed shortly before the Super War. Pantheon is so named because its members consdier themselves "gods among insects".


At large

  • Epitaph (at large) - Tokamak's highest general, turns people into techno-zombie slaves
  • Cutlass (at large) - super-agility and reflexes

In custody

  • Tokamak (in custody) - megalomaniacal leader, electrictiy powers
  • Pogrom (in custody) - Tokamak's lackey, a psychotic bomber
  • Syringe (in custody) - toxic needles


  • Blister (deceased) - fire and heat, killed during the Super War
  • Warlord (deceased) - evil battlesuit, killed sometime after the Cosmic Wave
  • Wraith (deceased) - drains life force, killed within a day of the Cosmic Wave
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