Project Eon

Project Eon was a secret U.S. government project started in the 1960s and based at Area 51, Nevada. Its task was to use some of the Grays technology recovered from the Roswell incident to develop 'supersoldiers' for the American army.

Project Eon was revealed to the world after one of its subjects, Mastadon, went on a rampage through an RV park in Colorado Springs. Apparently, none of the experiments had exactly worked, until the Grays had shown up in early 2000.

There were several incarnations of Project Eon over the years, each given a different color code corresponding with the order of the colors in the rainbow: Eon Red (1960s), Eon Orange (1970s), Eon Yellow (1980s), Eon Green (1990s), and Eon Blue (2000s).

All of the members of Eon Force were subjects of Project Eon.

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