Randy Forbes

Representative Randy Forbes (R-Va) is a fanatical firebrand in Congress vehemently opposed to all of Earth's new superhumans being able to walk around freely without being identified and confirmed harmless.

He was elected as the Representative from southeastern Virginia in the same year that John McCain was elected President of the United States. Forbes remained mostly quiet in the House, while at the same time staunchly supporting the most conservative members of Congress. He was wildly supportive of the war in Afghanistan and the Super War, and the use of Eon Force against the Pantheon. He was on record as being against so-called "freelance superhumans" such as Vega in Nevada. When the Cosmic Wave crashed into earth and mutated an untold number of humans into "freelance supers", Forbes catapulted to the center stage with his campaign against them. He accused several members of government, including members of the House and Senate, as having been mutated by the wave. The public distrust of the new supers fueled his campaign, and most of the people accused by Forbes were forced to resign.

Forbes formed the House Committee on Superpowered Beings to oversee his campaign against unregistered Enhanced, Robotically-assisted, or Extraterrestrial Indiviuals. His goal is to pass a Superhuman Registration Act, and see it enforced across the entire nation. In the meantime, super-teams such as the Guardians of Los Angelos and the Forces of Nature have formed, against Forbes' will, as a way to deter those new superhumans who would use their powers for evil rather than good.

In early 2006, Forbes declared that he would run against the incumbent Virginia Republican Senator George Allen in the 2006 Virginia Senate election on an independent "Humanity Party" ticket. As of October 2006, polls place the three candidates (Republican George Allen, Democrat Jim Webb, and independent Randy Forbes) in a statistical tie, with Allen perhaps slightly ahead.

On September 19, 2006 a crazed superhuman crashed into the Capitol building, shouting for the life of Representative Forbes. This apparent assassination attempt has only served to increase support for Forbes' Act.

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