Red Fox

The mysterious and enigmatic costumed adventurer known only as the Red Fox first appeared in early 2003 just before the Super War. He was an outspoken critic of the war, as well as of the Grays and their "pets" the Nords.

At first he was only seen when he took over television broadcasts all over the world such as when he made his first appearance decrying the coming Super War as an alien ploy or when Ronald Reagan died and he talked more about an alien conspiracy. Both times he was cut off within minutes.

His views seemed very similar to those of British activist David Icarus, plus it was known that the Fox was operating out of the UK, so for a time many people linked the two together. Speculation mostly ceased, however, when David Icarus was found dead in mid 2003. Many of the former followers of Icarus have pledged their support of Red Fox and his policies, even if he does not come out and openly lead them.

Red Fox also began operating as a costumed vigilante in London, targeting mostly corrupt business people and politicians. He is viewed in Great Britain with some manner of distrust, because of how he operates outside the law and nobody can discern his true motivations.

Some months after the Super War, Red Fox grabbed the airwaves one more time, declaring that the "worst for Earth was yet to come". Soon thereafter the Cosmic Wave crashed into Earth. Nobody is sure exactly what happened, but when the U.N. World Summit happened less than a month later, Red Fox was able to take control of the Assembly with a group of about a half dozen or so hithertoo unknown superhumans. He caused no harm and issued no demands, but only used the opportunity as a soapbox to declare that humanity had, for good or ill, come to a turning point in its history. He implored humanity to choose the good, but cautioned that should it choose evil, he and others like him would be there to stop them. He and his ragtag group then disappeared.

The Red Fox hasn't been seen around London since.

Like how the English noblity would use hounds to hunt foxes, the aliens use their Nords and other domesticated humans to hunt our bretheren. Well, this Red Fox is going to try to hunt them back!
-Red Fox, during his first broadcast

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