We Come in Peace

Jan 31 An unidentified flying object - a flying saucer - crashes into downtown Washington, D.C.
Feb 1 The UFO is confirmed to be extraterrestrial in origin
Feb 2 President Clinton reveals the vast alien conspiracy that conspiracy theorists had been sure of for decades is true: The Roswell incident, Area 51, alien autopsy, and more are all confirmed. He claims that the conspiracy had been kept secret for over 50 years, even from him.
Feb 11 First contact: Aliens referring to themselves as Grays reveal themselves publicly to the world in New York City. They promise an era of prosperity through trade and openness between humans and grays.
Feb 11 On that same day, Governor George W. Bush of Texas drops out of the Republican nomination race. His campaign manager cites "depression" as the reason for his sudden withdrawal. Senator John McCain of Arizona goes on to win the Republican nomination.

There Shall Come a Champion

Apr 5 Utilizing the new alien technology, Dr. Katsunori Sankai creates the first of the Battlesuits to become Mecha and fight against the Yakuza
May 3 Not to be outdone, the first American battlesuit is revealed in Las Vegas, Nevada. Robert Lazarus, the manager of the lucrative Luxor Hotel, introduces the world to Vega, protector of the Las Vegas Strip. Unlike Mecha, the identity of Vega is not revealed. This is seen as a publicity stunt, albeit an effective one.
Jul 21-23 At the G8 summit in Okinawa, Japan, the world leaders give a public welcome to the grays. The grays promise "big things to come".
Jul 26-Nov 1 A mysterious "champion of the people" saves thousands of people from disaster, then flies away. Witnesses report that he is not in a battlesuit.
Sep 15-Oct 1 Several grays watch the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Austrailia. There are some reports of people seeing the mysterious 'champion' there, as well.
Sep 26 Anti-globalization protests at the joint meeting of the IMF and World Bank are muted in the midst of the positive sentiment surrounding the new prosperity ushered in by the arrival of the grays. The only notable exception is the protests against the grays, led by David Icarus of London, England.
Nov 1 Champion reveals himself to the world. He is one of the Nords, an ancient race that were originally created by the grays to serve them. He says that he is here to serve humankind.
Nov 7 John McCain is elected the 43rd President of the United States. He is elected on a campaign promise of openness. He also promises the creation of a new Department of Extraterrestrial Affairs, headed up by a one Dr. Michael Swords.
Nov 7 Police in London foil an attempted diamond heist at the Millenium Dome
Dec 13 The "Texas 7" escape from prison in Kenedy, TX and start a crime spree


Calm Before the Storm

Jan 20 John McCain is inaugurated as President of the United States.
Jan 22 Police have tracked the Texas 7 to an RV camp in Woodland Park, Colorado near the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. Suddenly, an unknown creature crashes through the campsite injuring several people and killing Texas 7 member Larry James Harper.
Jan 24 In one of his first televised appearances as president, McCain reveals Project Eon to the world. He explains that Project Eon was a secret U.S. project started in the 1960s to create supersoldiers using recovered alien technology. The creature that rampaged through Colorado was Mastadon, an early test subject of the project.
Jan 26 A massive earthquake occurs in Gujarat, India. Along with Champion, new nords Praetorian and Epiphany appear to help piece together the wreckage and rescue survivors.
Apr 1 China unveils its own national battlesuit: Red Dragon
Apr 1 Slobodan Milosevic surrenders to police special forces
May 11 Douglas Adams dies of a heart attack
Jun 1 Israeli battlesuit 'Star of David' is revealed to the public when he stops a suicide bomber in Tel Aviv, Isreal
Jun 11 Timothy McVeigh executed
Jul 16 China and Russia sign the 'Treaty of Good-Neighborliness and Friendly Cooperation'
Jul 18 A 60-car train derailment occurs in Baltimore. The resulting fire is doused quickly with the help of a new nord Cavalier.
Jul 20-22 G* Summit: The G8 leaders welcome an official delegation from the Grays in Genoa, Italy to massive celebrations.
Jul 23 Osama bin Laden releases a video dismissing the grays as "demons" and promising attacks on the West.

The Test of Our Generation

Sep 11 Two planes crash into the World Trade Center in New York City. A third crashes into the Pentagon, and a fourth is brought down in a field in rural Pennsylvania. Champion was nowhere to be seen.
Sep 18 An outbreak of anthrax attacks is quickly contained with the help of a new nord Vitae.
Oct 5 Arlen Specter resigns as Senator of Pennsylvania to become first director of the Office of Homeland Security.
Oct 7 The U.S. and its allies invade Afghanistan looking for Osama bin Laden.
Nov 10 China is admitted to the World Trade Organization
Nov 12 The existence of non-U.S. supersoldiers is revealed when a video surfaces featuring a man named Tokamak shooting electricity out of his bare hands and frying several American prisoners of war. President McCain is outraged.
Nov 13 Secretary of Defense Colin Powell announces at a press conference that President John McCain has authorized American supersoldiers for deployment in Afghanistan.
Dec 13 The Indian parliament is attacked by Kashmiri separatists. Only swift diplomacy from the McCain administration averts a war between nuclear neighbors India and Pakistan.
Dec 22 Osama bin Laden is found and captured in a cave in northern Pakistan on the Afghan border by American supersoldier Marshal. American troops remain in Afghanistan to remove the Taliban from power.


Purpose of the Eons

Feb 8-24 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah takes place under heavy security.
Feb 20 President McCain announces the creation of 'Eon Force', a counterterrorism team of supersoldiers based in New York City. Says McCain, "We can't rely on Champion anymore".
Mar 17 A being claiming to be Champion begins terrorizing people around the world. Eon Force, battlesuits, and a few nords join forces to try and stop him.
May 3 The Spider-Man movie is released to theaters. Why watch a movie when you can just watch real life?
Jun 6 With the help of a new nord Radiant, Eon Force recovers the true Champion from a stasis cell underneath the Mediterranean Sea.
Jun 24 In a titanic battle, Champion and allies defeat the evil Champion, who has begun referring to himself as 'Blackguard'. Blackguard is banished to same stasis cell that held Champion for so long.

The Epic of Tokamak

Jul 5 Tokamak resurfaces in Iraq shoulder to shoulder with Saddam Hussein.
Aug 10 Tokamak deposes Saddam Hussein and begins recruiting a mercenary army including several enemy supersoldiers.
Sep 12 President John McCain addresses the U.N. on the looming threat of Tokamak.
Oct 2 Some of Tokamak's allies (they have begun to refer to themselves as the 'Pantheon') orchestrate a coup in Syria.
Oct 12 Bombing of a resort hotel in Bali, Indonesia kills hundreds.
Nov 8 The U.N. passes a resolution calling for Tokamak to disarm or face "serious consequences".
Dec 7 Tokamak publicly announces that he is disarming the offensive capacity of Iraq, but that a few "security and defense forces" have to be left in place.


Rising Tension

Jan 15 Eon Force briefs the president that Tokamak is "planning something big" in southern Iraq.
Feb 1 In perhaps Champion's most spectacular rescue yet, he saves the entire crew of the space shuttle Columbia before it breaks up on entry.
Feb 5 Secretary of Defense Colin Powell briefs the U.N. on Tokamak's suspected plans.
Feb 15 Someone referring to themselves as the Red Fox appears behind a mask on several internet sites and TV channels simultaneously, decrying the coming war as an alien ploy.
Mar 1 There is an apparent uprising in Kuwait. Tokamak's forces cross the border to "help the Kuwaiti government contain the uprising".
Mar 15 Hu Jintao becomes president of China.
Mar 16 Tokamak's allies in Syria cross the border into Jordan, claiming that they are "searching for spies and saboteurs". Some of the forces reach as far as the Israeli border, where there are a handful of skirmishes.
Mar 18 Israeli forces enter Jordan to push back Tokamak's army. Tokamak declares war on Israel.

The War to End All Wars

Mar 19 The United States authorizes the use of force against Tokamak and his allies. Several other U.S. and Israeli allies do the same.
Apr 9 U.S. and allied forces have mostly liberated Kuwait, but Tokamak has effectively conquered Jordan and is pushing harder into Israel.
Apr 14 Scientists announce that they have completed the Human Genome Project.
May 1 Fighting flares up again in Afghanistan, inspired by the U.S. difficulties in the Middle East.
Jun 1 G8 meeting in Evian, France meets in virtual secrecy to discuss this new Super War. The Grays are noticibly absent. They have declared their neutraility in this "human conflict". The Nords similarly do not enter the conflict because "there is too much death and killing".
Jul 1 Almost half a million people protest in Hong Kong for democracy in China.
Jul 18 The body of David Icarus is found outside his home in England under very mysterious circumstances. The death is later ruled a suicide, but questions remain.
Jul 23 Some of Tokamak's allies are also in Afghanistan, leading to some ferocious advances against U.S. troops.
Aug 14 Massive power outage occurs on both the east and west coast of the United States. Eventually it is revealed to have only been a technical problem, but given the pervasive sense of doom, many assume the worst. It is especially bad in California, where discontent against the governor has reached a breaking point and scattered race riots break out in Los Angelos and San Diego.
Oct 7 In California, a recall election occurs against Governor Gray Davis. The electorate is fed up with both parties, so Green Party candidate Peter Camejo is elected as the new governor of California.
Oct 15 China launches Shenzou 5, their first manned space flight.
Dec 13 In a daring raid, Eon Force stop Tokamak in Al Hillah, Iraq from putting some terrible plan into motion. Unfortunately, Tokamak escapes.
Dec 26 A massive earthquake strikes southeastern Iran, and Blackguard suddenly appears there unrestrained and unhappy. Several of Tokamak's troops flow into Iran to "rescue the civilians". Blackguard's appearance forces Champion's hand to enter into the conflict.


On The Brink

Jan 24 Between Tokamak's forces pinching from Iraq and Afghanistan, and some reported treachery from within, much of Iran is overrun by the Pantheon.
Feb 7 Israel's defenses fall to the Pantheon's overwhelming attacks. A spirited resistance almost immediately springs up, led by Star of David.
Mar 2 Joe Lieberman effectively clinches the Democratic Party nomination, based largely on votes he got due to his militaristic support for now occupied Israel.
Mar 11 Agents of the Pantheon coordinate the detonation of several bombs on Madrid commuter trains during rush hour traffic.
Mar 29 Egypt experiences a bloody coup. The new leaders of Egypt throw their support behind the Pantheon.
Apr 28 Tokamak captured by Eon Force! The Pantheon continues the fight in the Middle East, but morale is notably weakened.
May 30 Thousands take to the streets in Hong Kong to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Tianamen Square massacre.
Jun 5 Ronald Reagan dies. That night, during the evening news on major U.S. TV networks, Red Fox again takes over the airwaves railing against the "alien invaders".
Jun 8 G8 summit at Sea Island, Georgia, USA. The summit is approached with "tenative optimism" about the Super War, because a stalemate has been reached in Israel, most of the Pantheon's forces have been kicked out of Afghanistan, and Kuwait is entirely out of Pantheon hands, having become an Allied stronghold.
Jun 12 Blackguard attempts to rescue Tokamak from U.S. custody, but Champion is there to stop him.
Jun 30 Political jostling occurs between the U.N. and the U.S. over who has the right to detain and try Tokamak.
Jul 1 On the day that the Cassini-Hugyens probe was to reach Saturn, NASA loses contact with it.
Jul 25 Star of David leads a stunning offensive against Pantheon forces that pushes them further back but still ends up in a stalemate.
Aug 13 The Summer Olympics that would have been held in Athens, Greece today have been canceled due to the ongoing Super War.
Sep 1 Tokamak's lietuanant Pogrom holds an elementary school in Chechnya, Russia hostage demanding the release of Tokamak. Eon Force quickly intercedes and frees the school, but Pogrom escapes. Even worse, it was a diversion. Tokamak has been freed from U.S. custody.
Sep 9 Fighting intensifies in the Middle East with the return of Tokamak.

The Exodus

Sep 29 Suddenly and without warning, all the grays on earth leave in their spaceships. All of the nords disappear as well.
Oct 1 The presence of the Grays had powered up all the alien technology and supersoldiers on earth. Their absence causes all of that to powerdown. Notably, all the membes of the Pantheon and Eon Force lose their powers.
Oct 29 Fighting collapses in the Middle East. With no Pantheon to lead them, old hostilities flare up between the once united countries. The unity built by Tokamak dissolves. Anarchy reigns.
Nov 2 With the sudden end of the Super War, President John McCain is reelected.
Nov 11 Israel has pushed out all of the remnants of Pantheon forces, but in the process has become something of a police state.
Dec 26 In a stunning burst of hope, Champion reappears to save thousands of people from the deadly Indian Ocean Tsunami. However, he appears to be the last superhero on Earth.


Return to Normalcy

Jan 30 Iran returns to some semblance of normalcy. In fact, a more moderate government comes into power, that offers support for Afghani and Iraqi refugees and acts as a beacon of strength in the Middle East.
Feb 10 North Korea tries to upset the world by declaring that it has joined the ranks of nations who possess Battlesuits. Nobody believes them.
Mar 14 The situation more or less normalizes in Egypt and Jordan.
Apr 2 Pope John Paul II dies. Cardinal Josef Ratzinger is soon elected Pope Benedict XVI.
Apr 19 Robert Lazarus publicly admits to being the man behind Vega.
Apr 26 U.N. peacekeepers finalize taking over operations in Syria and Iraq. Iraq is partitioned into three separate entities: Sunni, Shiite, and Kurdistan.
May 5 The Labour party is re-elected to a significantly reduced majority in the UK. On that same day, the Red Fox makes his reappearance on British television, saying "The worst is yet to come".
May 29 The French tenatively accept the proposed new E.U. constitution, paving the way for a more unified Europe.
Jul 4 Violent protests occur at the G8 summit in Gleneagles, Scotland.
Jul 7 Pogrom is caught in Britain trying to mastermind a terrorist attack on the London Underground.
Aug 18 "Peace Mission 2005" is the first collaborative military training program between Russia and China.

Land of Confusion

Aug 22 The Cassini-Huygens probe flares to life. For the briefest instant, NASA scientists see an image of a giant wave of cosmic energy before it envelops the probe. All connection is lost again. After some hasty calculations, the scientists realize: the wave is headed straight for Earth. Within hours, the cosmic wave crashes into Earth's atmosphere.
Aug 29 The after-effects of the cosmic wave are just beginning to be felt. For almost the entire week, all the weather on Earth went still. It is only now starting to pick up to its normal variation again. There are reports of strange happenings all around the globe. Amazingly, there was almost no death or destruction.
Sep 14-16 The U.N. World Summit convenes in New York City. In the middle of the proceedings, the Red Fox suddenly appears in the flesh, flanked by half a dozen people clad in regular street clothes. Any attempts to subdue him are soundly defeated by him and his strange group, who all obviously possess superhuman powers. Red Fox then calmly addresses the captivated crowd, saying that the Cosmic Wave has done things that will forever alter the course of humanity, even more so than First Contact with the Grays did. Millions of people all over the world, normal people like those with him, have developed super-powers. Was the world ready for what was to follow? The Red Fox and his group then disappeared, leaving a stunned General Assembly.
Sep 24 Over the ensuing weeks it becomes obvious that the Red Fox was correct. Not only that, all of the battlesuits had regained functionality, and the supersoldiers had regained their powers. Some of their powers had even increased. People become afraid of almost anyone having super-powers, and riots break out in several major cities around the world with the discovery of pockets of superhumans.
Sep 28 There is a virtual rebellion in the U.S. Congress as a handful of representatives and senators are outed as having newfound super-powers. In the resulting political power struggle and re-alignment, Representative Randy Forbes forms the House Committee on Superpowered Beings.
Oct 1 A super-powered being demolishes large sections of a resort area in Bali, Indonesia, fanning worldwide fear.
Oct 8 A massive earthquake occurs in the disputed Kashmir region between India and Pakistan. As aid units arrive, they discover fights breaking out between super-powered people on both sides of the conflict. Marshal, who has found his strength and durability greatly increased, is able to take charge of the situation and organize most of the other super-powered people there to instead help the victims of the tragedy.
Oct 12 Super-powered citizens of North Korea storm the residences of Dictator Kim Jong Il, starting a revolution for North Korean freedom.
Oct 19 Tokamak resurfaces near Al Hillah, Iraq. He has been weakened and badly scarred, and is easily apprehended by Allied forces.
Oct 27 Rioting is sparked in France when a couple of super-powered teenagers being chased by national police are accidentally killed.
Oct 29 A fight breaks out between two super-powered groups in Delhi, India, causing massive destruction. Apparently one group was going to storm the Indian parliament, and the other group tried to defend the government.
Nov 21 The Star of David triumphantly reappears to the Israeli public, alongside a handful of new Israeli superhumans.
Nov 28 Some prominent members of the Cabinet of Prime Minister Paul Martin of Canada are revealed to be superhumans, leading to a vote of no confidence to Martin's Liberal government.
Dec 4 Hong Kong protests for democracy again, but this time with super-powered humans among its ranks. The protests spread to several other Chinese cities.
Dec 13 Austrailia is the first country to pass a Superhuman Registration Act requiring all super-powered beings residing in Austrailia to register with the government. Thousands protest.


To Infinity, and Beyond

Jan 1 Russia cuts gas to Ukraine over a price dispute.
Jan 3 Several miners trapped in West Virginia are rescued by some unnamed superhumans.
Jan 4 Israel recruits a superhuman team to help reinforce its fragile security.
Jan 7 Representative Forbes announces that he will introduce a Superhuman Registration Act.
Jan 23 Stephen Harper, the new Prime Minister of Canada, announces that he will introduce a Superhuman Registration Act.
Jan 25 The new superhuman security force of Israel is put to the test as Palestinian militants from Jordan push on Israeli borders.
Feb 8 East Timor breaks down into random violence.
Feb 10 The 2006 Winter Olympics hesitantly begin in Turin, Italy, only to utterly collapse when some of the athletes display obviously superhuman abilities.
Feb 22 Super-powered criminals steal over 53.1 million pounds in the Securitas Depot in the UK.
Mar 11 The prison holding Slobodan Milosevic is attacked by an unknown superhuman. Milosevic dies of an apparent heart failure.
Mar 22 The ETA declares a cease fire with Spain.
Mar 25 Los Angelos erupts into violence during protests against the proposed Superhuman Registration Act. A superhuman team led by Vega mostly corrals the malcontents. The L.A. Times calls the team the Guardians of Los Angelos.
Apr 10 After the Winter Olympics debacle, Italy passes its own Superhuman Registration Act.
Apr 11 Reports surface of various members of the Pantheon hiding out in Iran and Afghanistan.
Apr 19 Kim Jong Il has been deposed in North Korea. The beginnings of a new democratic government begin to form.
Jun 3 Montenegro officially declares its independence from Serbia.
Jun 6 Pantheon member Warlord officially resurfaces in Somalia.
Jun 7 Almost as quickly, Warlord is killed by unknown superhumans.
Jun 22 A group of superhumans that planned to attack the Sears Tower in Chicago are thwarted by a group of superheroes first known as the Chicago Four, and then the Forces of Nature.
Jun 25 A handful of unnamed wealthy industrialists calling themselves the Patrons attempt to form a lobbying group to lobby against the Superhuman Registration Act.
Jun 28 Israel completes its Superhuman Registration Act.
Jul 2 Mexican elections are disrupted by outbreaks of rioting against purported superhumans.
Jul 5 North and South Korea enter talks on reunification.
Jul 11 A group of superhumans in Mumbai, India foil an attack by an unknown superhuman.
Jul 12 Israel defends itself against a new insurgency of militant refugees on its borders.
Aug 14 The U.N. declares that the sudden appearance of superhumans dangerously shifts the balance of the world. Kofi Annan predicts that there are only two paths open to humanity: terrible destruction even worse than the superwar, or a world where the people with their great power learn to shoulder their newfound responsibility.

The Campaign

Aug 22 Pulkovo Airlines Flight 612 crashes when a scuffle occurs on board between flight attendants and an unnamed superhuman.
Aug 31 Norweigian superhumans recover the Edvard Munch paintings including the Scream.
Sep 1 Several Iranians begin to rally behind an unnamed superhuman preaching an unnamed ideal.
Sep 4 Austrailian naturalist and newfound superhuman Steve 'The Crocodile Hunter' Irwin leads a protest in northern Austrailian against John Howard's Superhuman Registration Act.
Sep 12 An attack by Pantheon remnants occurs against the Allied garrison in Syria, but is easily fended off.
Sep 19 A peaceful coup occurs in Thailand against the former Prime Minister who was threatening to institute a Superhuman Registration Act.
Sep 22 An unnamed superhuman holds a Maglev train hostage in Germany until he is foiled by a ragtag group of superheroes.
Sep 26 Japan elects a new pro-superhuman Prime Minister
Sep 26 An unnamed superhuman holds a Colorado high school hostage before killing himself.
Oct 2 An unnamed superhuman goes on a rampage in eastern Pennsylvania that ends when he kills himself.
Oct 6 An unnamed superhuman attacks a chemical plant in Apex, North Carolina releasing chlorine gas that ends up killing him.
Oct 9 Talks on the reunification of Korea break down when a nuclear powered superhuman begins attacks on the north/south border.
Oct 15 The UN opens its Council on Superhumans as an open international forum to debate the new superhuman phenomenon.
Oct 16 Several unnamed superhumans appear to attack the Provident Bank in Baltimore.
Oct 17 The US population is projected to reach 300 000 000 today.
Oct 17 In a number of nighttime attacks, several smugglers at the Port of Baltimore are suspciously attacked and incapacitated, most notably local smuggling boss Marvin Lynch, who is found dead this morning.

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