Course of the EONs - Backstory

Icarus and Project EON

On Thursday January 31, 2008, at about 3:00pm Eastern time, the following was broadcast on all radio and TV stations across the country. The broadcast featured a very harried-looking blonde man with a faintly British accent raving about aliens and a government conspiracy.

The media dismissed him as a paranoid schizophrenic hacker, and the public quickly forgot about him.

Your characters are still just regular human beings. If there are such things as aliens and government conspiracies, you've never encountered them before or anything like them. Sure there's still fighting in Afghanistan, but that probably doesn't affect you much. President John McCain is close to ending his second and final term in office. Britney Spears is all over the tabloids in the supermarket. And the stock market is in jitters over some credit bubble or something like that. Basically, things are going pretty much as they have been going for you all your life.

The Super Aurora

On Friday, February 8 2008 at around 9 PM Eastern time, an energy storm of unprecedented magnitude slammed into planet Earth without warning. For the first time since the Great Storm of 1859, people as far south as Honolulu or Baghdad could see the Northern Lights. For nearly 12 hours, the Earth was bathed in this eerie, unnatural light, before it vanished abruptly into the ether.

Astronomers and physicists struggled to explain the Super Aurora, and its numerous inconsistencies. Though electronic communication had been severely disrupted during the storm, strangely only very few systems were permanently damaged, and all were back online in less than a week. No unusual solar activity had been recorded in the days preceding the event. Furthermore, the amount of energy required to produce such a colossal display far exceeded the maximum intensity that the sun was thought to be capable of producing, and far exceeded the amount of electromagnetic energy recorded on that day. Some other energy was emanating from that cosmic storm cloud.

Investigations and theories abounded, but nobody knew for sure what had happened, or if it could happen again. Meanwhile, strange tales of abnormal reactions to the Aurora began circulating around the globe. Like the atmosphere before it, society seemed charged with an entirely new form of energy: Change.

And the course of the eons began to take a new direction, into the vast unknown.

Election '08

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