Course of the EONs - Characters

Player Characters

Mike "DJ Bedlam" Anderson

Player: Matthew
Concept: Heavy metal band producer and techno club DJ
Power: Manipulate sound

Ellie Drew

Player: Chris
Concept: A circus performer who is an exceptional gymnast.
Power: The ability to turn insubstantial and move through solid matter, and transform other small things insubstantial as well.

Keiko Inazuma


Player: Christina
Concept: Second year graduate student at University of Maryland College Park earning her graduate degree in Art History and Archeology. Came to the states at 20 to pursue an undergraduate dual degree in Archeology and History at College Park. Lives in an apartment with three other students in the town of College Park. Father is a wealthy business man in Japan. Mother is unemployed.
Power: Create and control electricity

Larry "Legerdemain" Allen


Player: Ozzy
Concept: Middle-aged car mechanic with a hobby for magic tricks
Power: Illusionist

Morgan Fisher

Player: Amy
Concept: A med school flunky/body modification artist
Power: Flesh/bone crafting

Anna Branch

Player: Kara
Concept: Marine Biologist at the National Aquarium in Baltimore
Power: Control water, plus her "natural form" is liquid water


Close Allies

Dr. Francis "Daedalus" Vaughn


Dr. Vaughn was the director of Project EON for the Defense Extraterrestrial Agency (DXA). He is a master working with and understanding all of the various alien technology. He was the first to direct the newfound "EON" energy to normal humans to mutate them and produce the supersoldiers in EON Force. His son, David, was the first to be so mutated.

When the Cosmic Wave first crashed into the Earth, Dr. Vaughn was kidnapped by Castor and Pollux and put to work investigating the new EONs found near the Project EON facility in Frederick, MD. However, he was able to escape with their help, plus the help of EON Force once they finally arrived.

More recently, Dr. Vaughn has been charged by the recently created "Office of Extraterrestrial Affairs" for securing the National Capital Region against any possible EON criminal activity such as that perpetrated by Joey "Fiasco" Varisco. He has been advising our heroes as a sort of mentor ever since.

Stanley Elizabeth "Betty" Blackbourne


The spunky, happy-go-lucky girl is the daughter of Baltimore corporate lawyer and business magnate Elizabeth Blackbourne of Blackbourne Associates. Her first name is Stanley because her mother wanted a son to name him after her father, Charles Stanley. Even though Betty turned out a girl, Mrs. Blackbourne knew she would only have one child and so named her Stanley anyway. Obviously Betty prefers going by her nickname, Betty.

She helped the PCs determine when and where the Bimini artifact would arrive in Baltimore, and helped hide it until Keiko and colleagues could study it at their leisure. She is currently a part-time receptionist at her father's apartment complex, Barbiewood Apartments. She is soon to start her first year of college on her way to become a veterinarian. She really loves animals, keeping about four hamsters at a time, as well as her family having a dog.

Most recently, when Ellie Drew was looking for a more permanent place to stay after her traveling circus broke up, she came across Barbiewood Apartments and found Betty there. Betty needing a roommate and Ellie needing an excuse to rent an apartment despite being only 17, the two agreed to be roommates together.

Elizabeth Blackbourne


Mrs. Elizabeth Blackbourne is a high-power attorney at the large and powerful corporate law firm Blackbourne Associates in Baltimore. Feared and respected by many denizens of the city, she oversees much of the power elite happenings going on in central Maryland. Her ties probably reach into the highest levels of state and national power brokers as well.

She also has a hobby for archeology. Her daughter is Stanley Elizabeth "Betty" Blackbourne. Her husband is insignificant ;-)


Villains (At Large)

Clarence "Tesseract" Fitzgerald


Dr. Clarence Fitzgerald was a professor of high-energy physics at the University of Maryland. His students describe him as a draconian professor devoid of mirth and mercy. He sees teaching as a way to exercise power over those less able than he, which in his eyes is basically everyone else.

Shortly after the Grays land in Washington DC, his lab is one of the few to begin experimenting with the new extraterrestrial technology: in his case, it is instantaneous matter transport, i.e., teleportation. He quickly moves from teleporting single particles, to teleporting complex molecules, to teleporting entire objects. He soon patents his invention and incorporates Tesseract Systems Research to sell it. He is the first person on Earth to have implemented Gray technology for mass human use.

When our EON team investigates strange happenings going on in the tiny Caribbean nation of San Miguel, they find that Dr. Tesseract himself is somehow involved with the discovery and release of the powerful alien being known as Blackguard. They also find that he himself is an EON, with the powerful ability to control all the dimensions of space, much to Ellie Drew's dismay.

His next evil plot involves kidnapping important staff from the World of Tomorrow Corporation. While so doing he also kidnaps those snooping around where they don't belong, including the eminent Mrs. Elizabeth Blackbourne! Our heroes are called to investigate and find that the scientists have been forced to build a machine to teleport the Reptoid Alpha Draconians directly to earth! The PCs soon foil his plot, but Tesseract escapes to plot another day…

Ibrahim "Mamba" Emeagwali


Little is known about the mysterious Mamba. It is unknown if Ibrahim Emeagwali is even his real name or an assumed one. He has a distinctive fashion sense which includes a dark blue suit and fedora and round black glasses. He is also a chain smoker. International Law Enforcement does know him as a notorious Nigerian arms dealer in West Africa. He has been spotted in Maryland before overseeing arms smuggling out of the Port of Baltimore. Dr. Vaughn posits that this is the reason he was in Maryland again, and then the Cosmic Wave hit and turned him into an EON. Mamba has untold abilities over the mind, and seems to be able to turn visible and invisible at will. He probably then quickly integrated himself into the local EON crime scene, underneath Dr. Clarence "Tesseract" Fitzgerald.

Julia "Red Violet" Sakova


First seen as a henchwoman for Fiasco, the woman known as Red Violet has a very long history of death and mayhem. According to her files, she is an international mercenary named Julia Sakova. She was a Russian operative well before the Cosmic Wave imbued her with the ability to generate extreme amounts of heat out of her skin. In fact, EON Force believes that she had a rudimentary ability to do this before, through a secret Russian counterpart to the American Project EON. This is still in doubt, however.

She has been seen in the employ of Professor Clarence Fitzgerald as he worked to free the evil being Blackguard from his millenia of slumber. She ended up escaping their capture, in order to keep the heat under them.

She took Gale under her wing and named her Nightingale, and assisted in the plot to release Strong Arm from jail, and to kidnap the World of Tomorrow scientists. What she will do next is anyone's guess.

Basma "Simoon" Elgabri

The estranged daughter of powerful Egyptian businessman Nasir Elgabri, Basma seems to be a living human incarnation of a dust cloud. Primarily a thrill-seeker, she teamed up with petty criminal Lance Lindenbergh, aka Landslide, to begin a cross-country crime spree. Starting in Los Angelos, the duo make their way to Baltimore, where they meet up with team EON Blue. They taunt and foil EON Blue multiple times, until finally EON Blue gets a lucky break and knocks out them both. Unfortunately, Simoon "slips through the cracks", so to speak, before being able to be detained. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Joey "Fiasco" Varisco


Joey Varisco was a common street criminal when the Cosmic Wave happened and made him something remarkable. He found he had an uncanny effect on events around him: Things always seemed to go his way, and if he so desired things could go very bad for other people.

With his newfound power he began to swiftly rise through the ranks of Baltimore's underground, carving out his own criminal empire. This came to an end however when he and his gang of super-powered villains tried to steal a priceless artifact from the "Lost Treasures" expo that proved the interaction of Grays and humans first occurred almost ten thousand years ago!

He was thwarted by a group of local EONs, and captured by the Baltimore police with a little help from an Insubstantial Acrobat.

He was kept behind bars by Dr. Vaughn, who was able to suppress Fiasco's probability-warping abilities. Unfortunately, the suppression wasn't complete. When the devilish duo of Landslide & Simoon attacked Baltimore, one of Landslide's seismic bursts knocked out the wall of Fiasco's cell, and Fiasco escaped. What are the odds?


Villains (Behind Bars)

Lance "Landslide" Lindenbergh

Lance Lindenbergh, aka Landslide, is the "Clyde" in the "Bonnie & Clyde" relationship with fellow thrill-seeker Basma "Simoon" Elgabri. With the ability to project massive waves of seismic energy, he packs quite a wallop, which he delivers indiscriminately against the city of Baltimore. EON Blue take him on multiple times while he and Simoon get away with the loot, until they whip up a machine to track him, and use DJ Bedlam's sonic control to suppress his seismic waves (they both work through vibrations, after all). In one last act, Landslide unleashes a powerful seismic burst whose only effect is to knock out Joey Fiasco's cell wall, right onto Landslide's head. Fiasco escapes, and Landslide is trucked off to the SuperMax prison holding other violent EON offenders.

Abigail "Nightingale" Hines


An insecure, angry teenager who has caused the PCs more headaches than the GM ever intended. Originally a college student, she seems to have dropped out to use her ability to create and control wind to start a life of crime. She appears to have become enamored with Fiasco (though he does not seem to return the affection), and she (rightly) blames the PCs for his incarceration. Specializing in outbursts of rage and fury, this tempest in a teapot seems bent on just making lives miserable for the PCs by showing up at inopportune times and annoying them before retreating and flying away.

She recently took on the alias "Nightingale" and began serving under Red Violet. However, at the nearly botched attack on World of Tomorrow Corporation headquarters in Columbia, MD, she was subdued by our heroes and later taken into custody along with the resurrected Strong Arm by local law enforcement.

Carlos "Strong Arm" Vasquez


A local strongman in a Baltimore gang, Carlos Vasquez' arms grew to freakish proportions after the Cosmic Wave hit Earth. However, he found that he could elongate his arms beyond their new six foot length at will, and they were totally prehensile, and superhumanly strong. Quickly recruited by rising criminal mastermind Joey Varisco, Carlos became Fiasco's right hand man in uniting the gangs and crushing dissenters.

After getting a tattoo at Morgan Fisher's tattoo shop and then insinuiting that next time he would be back he would be demanding "protection money" for Fiasco, Morgan had a personal vendetta against him that ended in the fight on the 395 bridge. There Morgan severed Carlos' arms, which now hang as trophies on her bedroom in the back of the shop. In addition, his scapulae are ashtrays on the front counter to serve as a gruesome reminder to any who would dare cross the fierce Morgan.

The armless Carlos was broken out of jail by Mamba and Nightingale, and granted new cybernetic arms by Dr. Tesseract. He put these to good use beating Morgan in a fight, but later upon the assault on World of Tomorrow Corporation headquarters in Columbia MD he was subdued by our heroes and arrested by the cops.

James "Jumbo" Aday


A man seemingly tailor made to annoy our DJ Bedlam (though not originally intended that way, honest!), the EON known as Jumbo is as large as his name portends. However, though certainly tough & strong by human standards, his EON power comes from his commanding voice, which is almost irresistible to the listening ear. He was instrumental in Fiasco's attack on the "Lost Treasures" Expo where the Yonaguni artifact was stolen, but has kept a low profile since then. Apparently very timid, he hasn't put his power to any destructive uses since then… yet.

Without PC intervention, he was quietly apprehended by police and is now serving time in a soundproof cell.

Carson "Castor" and Paul "Pollux" Glover


Two brothers with mysterious connections to the DXA. Their motives were never clear, and their actions were never completely good. How exactly they got exposed to the EON energy is also a mystery, because Dr. Vaughn didn't do it. However they did it, they developed the complimentary abilities of light and dark: Castor developed the ability to emit bright flashes of light and lasers, as well as the ability to see through any obfuscation, concealment, or illusion. Pollux got control over dark, and the ability to sap energy and wakefulness from anyone he touches. When EON Force broke up, they disappeared and were never heard from again until early 2008 when they captured Icarus and his father, Daedalus. After the Cosmic Wave, had Dr. Vaughn track down the strongest EON emanations near the Project EON facility, and then proceeded to capture all six to have him study the effects of the Cosmic Wave. They seem to be working for a new commander, the figure with Repitllian eyes who has only so far identitifed himself as Minos, after the king who decreed the building of the Labyrinth.

Castor and Pollux have been spotted several times since then, but they have mostly been trailed and thwarted by EON Force, and not our heroes. The time may yet come, however, when they meet again, and what happens then, no one knows.

The two were apprehended by EON Blue when they tried to interfere with the retrieval of the Nord named Tapestry from Okinawa, Japan.


EON Force

Daron "Perseus" Miller


Daron Miller was born to an All-American family in the midwest. He has family "from all seven continents", he claims (though DXA records indicate that the part of his family that moved to Australia did so only in the 20th century. And only one family member had ever been to Antarctica, briefly). He was raised a patriot, and ended up attending West Point to become a career officer in the US Army. He exceled at nearly everything he did, and volunteered for anything that other people never would. Eventually that included volunteering for Project EON, where he was doused with EON energy by Dr. Vaughn. Though seemingly already perfect in every way, the EON energy made him surpass normal human abilities in strength and endurance. When EON Force was formed, he became "Perseus", the natural leader of the special operations team.

David "Icarus" Vaughn


The son of Dr. Francis Vaughn, David was an experimental pilot for the Air Force. As he rose in the ranks and in competence, he worked on more and more secret projects, until he found himself in the DXA with his father. While there, he had a habit of prying classified information from higher and higher levels, until he got caught. As punishment, the DXA decided to make him the first test subject for the EON energy mutation project headed by David's father. Dr. Vaughn had no idea that it was his son in the test chamber until after the test. He feared the worst, until he saw that David was okay. In fact, he was more than okay. He had developed the ability to blast himself off at supersonic speeds like a rocket or a bullet. While so flying he is protected from damage by a blast field. "Icarus", as the DXA now called him, was the world's first EON: A normal person infused with energy of extraterrestrial origin to gain superhuman powers and abilities.

Alec "Orion" Bradford


A highly skilled hunter and tracker, Alec Bradford was one of the best snipers to ever join the US military. A friend of Daron Miller's, he was invited to Project EON on the request of Miller and subjected to the EON energy too. From it, he developed senses far beyond any human. He could see as far as an eagle, hear as well as a bat, smell as sophisticated as a wolf. His reflexes too were improved to superhuman levels. A now valuable member of the DXA, he became known as "Orion", the hunter, an integral part of the new EON Force.

Lizzie "Atalanta" Melendez


Lizzie Melendez was an incredibly accomplished athlete through high school and college. She went on to become a federal agent for the FBI. Top notch in her position, she was recommended for a post with the DXA. Once there she found out about Project EON and immediately volunteered to be a subject. The EON energy saturated her body, and she became able to move at superhuman speeds. The DXA called her "Atalanta" and put her on EON Force.

Trudy "Arachne" Nguyen


Trudy Nguyen was a brilliant cryptographer and computer hacker for the National Security Agency in Ft. Meade, MD. Her brilliance came to the attention of Dr. Vaughn, who specifically requested her expertise for Project EON. She found a way to amplify the EON energy's affect on the subject's brain, and decided to test it on herself without telling Dr. Vaughn. She came ouf of it alive, and with the newfound ability to talk to and control digital technology. Dubbed "Arachne" because of how she could weave a web of digital signals, she supported EON Force as their resident techie and knowledge person.


Around the World

U.S. Representative Richard J. Forbes (R-VA)


After the several incidents of EON crime that gripped the country in the wake of the Cosmic Wave, much of the nation looked at the heroes that emerged to stop the villainous plans. Some, however, saw all EONs, hero or villain, as a threat to law and order. Congressman Forbes is one such man. A little known representative from south-eastern Virgina, Richard Forbes quickly rose to the forefront of the EON debate beginning to bubble through society. He became the leader of the movement to monitor and control all EONs as potential threats to the security of our country. Though in the minority now, the ranks of his movement seem to be quickly, quietly growing.

With the release of the monstrous entity known as Blackguard, Congressman Forbes convened the House EON Registration and Extraterrestrial Investigation Committee to push forward his vision of a world where EONs are carefully documented, regulated, and, ideally, extinguished.

Retired Admiral Malcolm R. Swords, Ph.D.


Dr. Swords is a former NASA scientist who has been tapped by President John McCain to lead the new Department of Extraterrestrial Affairs. As such, Dr. Swords has authority over all interaction between Americans and the Grays, the use of EON Force, and regulations over the new EONs populating human society. Dr. Swords was chosen specifically because he was not a part of Project EON or the former Defense Extraterrestrial Agency and so was perceived to be more trustworthy because he wasn't part of the government cover-up of alien activity. He is a fast learner, however, and has quickly turned the Office into one of the most effective organizations in the government. It was his idea to use agreeable EONs to help police potential EON threats around the country.

The Grays


The Grays are a race of extraterrestrials who hail from the Zeta Reticuli star system about 39 light-years away. They made their presence public in February 2008 when they landed on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. After they did, they made president McCain publicly admit that the government had known about the aliens' presence on Earth thousands of years ago and had covered it up. They also admitted to causing the Cosmic Wave that created all the new EONs seen on Earth. Despite that public entrance, however, very little else is known about them. There are about a hundred of them on Earth now, most of them staying in or around Washington, DC but some of them being seen in other capitals and major cities around the world. They claim that their presence here, and that of the EONs, is to protect humanity, though they will not say from what.



Japanese engineers have successfully transitioned some of the new EON technology to an elite team of security forces. These forces each have a hi-tech power suit made of extraterrestrial meta-materials that provide enhanced strength, durability, speed, flight, and a variety of non-lethal weaponry (with the capability for lethal weaponry being added).

It's the meta-materials that turn the suit into a super-suit, and keeps them from popping up all over the world and out of the hands of the bad-guys (at least, for now).

The security forces team is led by Yoshiyuki Sankai, who goes by the nickname Hogosha, or Guardian. He led an assault on a Yakuza ring involved with some suspicious dealings with renegade EONs connected with the elusive and destructive Castor and Pollux. As a result, Hogosha is quickly on his way to becoming a Japanese national hero.


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