I was just pondering the political situation that would be going on around you guys in the game. The game is set in an "alternate 2008" where John McCain won the nomination and the presidency back in 2000 and was reelected in 2004. I came up with that *before* McCain became a major candidate this last year, and it was sort of awkward when he went and won his party's nomination in 2008, so I didn't talk much about the president anymore in the game.

But it *was* 2008 in the game, so an election *did* happen. And I decided to make it consist of made-up people, so that there's no awkward politics anymore. So in the game, Barack Obama is still an unknown state senator from Illinois. Hillary Clinton was the Dem nominee in 2004 and was beaten by McCain. And McCain obviously couldn't run in 2008.

This is only tangentially related to the plot for the time being, but I reserve the right to make it important later ;-). For now, it just fills you in on what else is happening in the world, if you would like to know.

Everyone here is made up, though perhaps based on real personalities. Also, I will try not to inject any more real-world politics than I need to make the world seem somewhat realistic. I hope I don't offend anybody. So, with a fresh slate of made-up candidates, here's what went down in 2008 in the EONs world:

The democrats had a boring primary season and nominated a boring Senator from Connecticut, Kelsey Jones. He is tall, gaunt, old, and all around rather safe and boring. In this world, the republicans under McCain are actually somewhat well liked, or at least respected, so the democrats don't think this will be a very good year for them.

The republicans, however, had a very bitter and protracted primary fight. There is a large anti-EON sentiment brewing in the population, and they seem to attach themselves to the far right radical republicans. When the dust settles, a rather mediocre candidate emerges as the winner as the least-undesirable one: Thomas Fanning, former governor of Wisconsin.

The democrats sense an opening, and nominate the very charismatic governor of Kansas, Cathleen "Katie" Swanson, for Vice President. She's young and energetic and really energizes a lot of people, and is also a very successful governor.

That's where things go downhill for republicans. Their first nominee for Vice President, business executive and California congressman Robert Mitchell, had to be retracted because of a scandal involving bribery, etc. Some suspect that the "Humanity First" anti-EON wing of the party had a lot to do with fanning the flames of that scandal. Especially when the fiery anti-EON politician, Senator Brandon Hess of Mississippi, is picked to replace Mitchell on the ticket.

But the scandals and infighting are too much for the Republicans, and the Democratic ticket of Kelsey Jones / Katie Swanson makes a solid victory on November 4. However, the "Humanity First" faction makes its own strides as well. Most notably, that sometimes thorn in your side, Representative Richard Forbes of Virginia, made a run for the Republican nomination to Senate candidate, which he won, pushing out more moderate Republicans. He went on to win in a three way race
between a democrat and one of the Republicans he beat in the primary who ran an independent campaign. So now you EONs have to deal with a hostile Senator ;-)

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