Course of the EONs - Issues

Issue 1 - The Labyrinth

Saturday, February 16, 2008

After the incredible event of the Cosmic Wave, the characters find themselves with uncanny superhuman abilities. Before they get much chance to come to terms with this, however, they are kidnapped one by one, by two mysterious dark suited figures. They wake up to find themselves locked in cells in an underground research facility out in western Maryland. Through the help of Dr. Francis Vaughn, they escape captivitiy, and must find their way out of the facility. They learn of the mysterious secret Defense Extraterrestrial Agency (DXA) and its even more mysterious Project EON. The mystery deepens when an unknown figure with reptillian eyes who identifies himself only as "Minos" taunts them as they try to escape the facility. Eventually they come across Castor and Pollux, two renegade former members of EON Force who say they have switched sides, and that the new EONs were accidents that need to be eradicated. A fight ensues that is ended when the rest of the members of EON Force show up to rescue Icarus. Castor and Pollux make their escape, but the new EONs and EON Force are able to freely leave the former Project EON facility for freedom.

Once above, there is much sorting out to do, but this is quickly interrupted when EON Force member Arachne alerts everyone to an incredible news broadcast: aliens have landed in Washington DC.

Continued in Issue 1.5

Issue 2 - The "Fiasco" Fiasco

Friday, March 21, 2008

The new EONs in and around Baltimore largely try to return to some sense of normal life. Keiko and Anna struggle with the downsides of their abilities, while Morgan and Mike find that their new powers greatly help in their respective careers. Larry contemplates using his newfound abilities to take his magician hobby full-time, while Ellie tries to piece her life together after her circus disbands. It is not immediately a very super-heroic life.

However, a new criminal power has arisen in central Maryland. A once small time street crook named Joey Varisco has been quickly catapulted to infamy on the streets of Baltimore. The street soon gives him the nickname "Joey Fiasco" to represent the disasters, mishaps, and terrible misfortunes seem to follow anyone who dares oppose him. The media begins to refer to him as just "Fiasco".

On one fateful day in March, Morgan and Ellie coincidentally find themselves at the Cacophony of Spring concert hosted by Mike "DJ Bedlam" Anderson's recording company, while Keiko and Larry run into each other at the "Lost Treasures" exhibition sponsored by the Blackbourne Associates, a powerful corporate law firm in Maryland headed by the influential Elizabeth Blackbourne. From these two seemingly disparate events a villainous plot unfolds: the frontman of the unsigned local band gotten to open the concert is revealed to be an EON with an extremely hypnotic voice who coaxes the crowd to attack the Lost Treasures expo. Out of the confusion that follows, Fiasco and two more henchman — a man with arms as long as they are strong, and one of the hottest women on Earth (literally) — stage a robbery. They appear not to steal any of the priceless relics at the conference, until Keiko's professor reveals that the most precious relic of all has disappeared - a ceramic jar proving that humans and the Grays had contact over ten thousand years ago!

The hunt is on for Fiasco, his henchmen, and the relic! A tip leads the team to the Cask of Amontillado, a local bar/nightclub frequented by Fiasco. There Ellie spies him in a back room with the relic, and a cowled man who says that the relic is "just the map", and that he "needs the key - the other one". He tosses Fiasco the relic telling him to "dump it" and then disappears into thin air. Ellie leaves to gather the others, but when she returns Fiasco is gone.

The team returns to Mrs. Blackbourne's house, imploring her for the whereabouts of the second artifact. She says she doesn't know, only that her personal assistant Henry does, but that she also doesn't know how to locate him. Her daughter, Betty, however, volunteers the information to Keiko and the others, and the team finds Henry Miles passed out drunk on his couch. Interrogated and intimidated, he reveals that the second artifact is already on its way up from Florida, and will be here today! The team stakes out both Mrs. Blackbourne's house and Henry's house, hoping to intercept the artifact before Fiasco does.

Unfortunately Fiasco is one step ahead of them when the driver calls Henry to say he is under attack! Quickly the team arrives to find Fiasco and his goons trying to pry the artifact from the professor from Florida. A valiant fight ensues leading to the demise of the long-armed man, and the disappearance of the hot woman. Fiasco himself is heroically apprehended by a taunting (and lucky) Ellie Drew, with the help of most of the entire Baltimore police department.

Maybe this group will make a decent superhero team after all…

Continued in Issue 2.5

Issue 3 - The Rebirth of a Champion

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Unless Congressman Richard Forbes is able to stop it, the US Government has started recruiting local EONs to enforce law and order in their respective areas. In the Baltimore/Washington region, that means that Legerdemain, DJ Bedlam, Keiko, Ellie, and Morgan are officially a team, if only slightly dysfunctional. And very quickly they have their first assignment: The artifacts recovered from their previous mission point to the small island nation of San Miguel as holding some sort of secret of the mysterious Gray/human interactions in the past. The newly created Office of Extraterrestrial Affairs knows something important is going on there, because Castor and Pollux had been spotted there! But once EON Force is rounded up to capture them, the brothers have moved on to Taiwan. So off to Taiwan goes EON Force, and the government is left with nobody to find out what's going on in San Miguel.

Enter the group from Baltimore, who get a free Caribbean vacation to the tiny island speck in between Florida and the Bahamas. The team quickly discovers that a villainous EON plot is afoot on the island, when some force detects their radar-invisible plane and fires upon it, forcing an emergency landing. After an initial recon of the main city of San Miguel, the team receives the help of a local boy Leon who just happens to be able to read minds! Leon points the team to the President's Mansion, where something foul has been going on.

There, they run into their old friend Red Violet, as well as a new friend (but old face): Professor Clarence Fitzgerald of the University of Maryland. The man who turned the Grays teleportation technology into a usable (and profitable) product just happens to have the EON ability to control location and space himself! Together with the help of two nameless identical twins, they have recovered a stone sarcophagus, which they open in front of our heroes. Out of the box erupts the murderous being called Blackguard by the ancient Grays, who swiftly sends our heroes packing! Though not after the heroes remove local tin pot dictator Jose from the mansion, as they promised the local resistance movement who snuck them into the house.

Even with the defeat, our heroes are in luck, however, for Blackguard alluded to another like him: a Champion of the Grays. And Leon thinks he knows exactly where to find this Champion. Buried beneath the ground near an old Pirate Cove there is a stone chest with strange symbols on it, according to a pirate captain's diary held by Leon's family. Rushing there, our heroes dig to find the chest, only to be discovered by Red Violet and her mercenaries. Our heroes quickly dispatch this pack of ruffians, and finish digging out this new stone box. Using the key found in the second Gray artifact, our heroes open the coffin to discover Champion, the brother of Blackguard and perhaps the only being who can defeat that villain.

With Champion's help, our heroes escape the liberated island of San Miguel, with the consequences of the release of Blackguard yet to be felt but weighing heavily on their minds.

Continued in Issue 3.5

Issue 4 - The Reptilian Brain

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Blackguard has not been heard from since his release, and consequently the Office of Extraterrestrial Affairs is keeping Champion under wraps as well. No sense in letting the enemy know you've got the only weapon that can defeat theirs before knowing what their final game plan is.

However, closer to home, something is happening that alarms the OXA. Various scientists and other high-level people connected to the World of Tomorrow Corporation have disappeared, including the eminent Mrs. Elizabeth Blackbourne, close ally of our heroes. Her law firm, Blackbourne Associates, oversaw the transition of the now defunct Tesseract Research Systems assets to their new World of Tomorrow owners.

Two videos are found linking the kidnappings to a new villain named Mamba, who is subsequently linked to the traitorous Dr. Tesseract. Our heroes are sent to investigate this, but Mamba finds them first, with a newly armed Strong Arm. After beating the solitary Morgan Fisher, she overhears Mamba mention an assault planned for the following night on the World of Tomorrow Corporation headquarters in Columbia, MD.

Our heroes gather there and plan an illusionary fire to get the people out of the headquarters. Strong Arm, the newly named Nightingale, and van fulls of thugs soon attack the headquarters, aiming for a particular fabrication plant to the side of the main office building. Once our heroes are lured in there, Mamba and Red Violet appear to spring the trap and knock them out with combined sleeping gas and Mamba's mysterious mind-stunning field.

Our heroes awake deep underground to an offer of truce from Dr. Tesseract. Join him in ushering in a new age working under the dominance of the imperial Alpha Draconians, or die. Our heroes split their decision, causing some to disappear with Dr. Tesseract into a strange chamber and the remainder to face death at the hands of Red Violet, Mamba, and a group of armed robotic guards. The ones behind quickly dispatch of the robots and disappear into the tunnels, to find the scientists kidnapped by Dr. Tesseract. The ones in the chamber witness a horrible machine designed to teleport the murderous Alpha Draconians directly to Earth! Soon our heroes regroup, and shut down Tesseract's evil machine. Tesseract escapes to fight another day, but for now Earth is saved from the wretched Reptoids, and the kidnapped scientists can return home.

Issue 5 - EON Blue Apocalypse, Part 1

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The fledgling Office of Extraterrestrial Affairs has become the brand-new cabinet-level Department of Extraterrestrial Affairs under the leadership of Secretary Malcolm Swords, former navy admiral and former NASA official. EON teams from around the country are officially organized for the first time: EON Force is now EON Red team, based in New York City. EON Orange in Chicago. EON Yellow in Seattle. EON Green in Los Angelos. EON Blue in Washington DC. And EON Violet in Dallas. Representatives from these teams are all invited to the initiation ceremony of the new DXA at the National Mall in Washington DC.

Just days before the ceremony, DJ Bedlam comes across a strange scene outside his techno club. A frightened mob runs away from a spasming, gibbering man. Pursuing him, the man is revealed to be not a man but some sort of shapeshifting creature. With the help of Keiko and Legerdemain the creature is subdued and sent to Dr. Vaughn for further study.

At the ceremony, DJ Bedlam, Ellie Drew, Keiko Inazuma, and Legerdemain meet other EONs from the country such as the likes of the scorchin' speedster Afterburn from Chicago; the super-acrobat Pixiedust from Seattle; the dour Sheikra from LA; and the gruff Sergeant Stonewall from Dallas. The ceremony goes on without a hitch, and all the heroes are invited to an exclusive dinner afterwards to celebrate.

Havoc breaks loose however when some of the shapeshifting creatures are found to have broken in to the dinner. The heroes work quick to take them out, but they seem to be coming out of the woodwork! All seems lost when the villainous Blackguard makes his arrival on the scene, with Champion nowhere to be found! However, Champion is quick to return from being pummeled to Siberia by Blackguard. The shapeshifters scatter, but with various high-level officials in tow — including anti-EON congress member Richard Forbes! The newly installed Secretary Swords immediately orders an investigation into the whereabouts of these kidnappers.

While organizing this investigation, EON Force calls in from their mission to Tibet. It seems that they have come across a tomb recently excavated by Castor, Pollux, and Blackguard. Missing from this temple are numerous bodies that once lay in caskets, and another casket similar to the one that housed Champion or Blackguard. It is surmised that the missing bodies were a slumbering army of shapeshifters, called Howlers by the ancient runes in the temple. The identity of the being in the missing casket is unknown, but symbolism of time and the seasons adorn the room it was in.

After a night of investigating by the DXA, our heroes are instructed to search out three areas around the district. EON Blue in particular are sent to a Metro station where one of the creatures was sighted with a victim slung over its shoulder. Searching further, they luck upon a tardy Howler making its way to the secret lair. Following it, our heroes cross under the Potomac and into a large estate in northern Virginia. There they tussle with the crook Felonwood, imported from Afterburn's beloved Chicago. Felonwood delays our heroes until Champion & EON Force show up. Champion knocks the tree-man back to the Washington monument, and EON Force tends to the scrapes and bruises of our heroes.

Rest is short however as the denizens of the mansion are alerted to the presence of heroes and lash out at them. Castor, Pollux, and several Howlers come out to do battle with the forces of good. EON Force orders EON Blue to search the house while the rest take care of the enemies outside. In the house, EON Blue come across several Howlers that have taken on the form of the kidnapped officials, practicing how to act like them and talking about "surrendering to the Pantheon" or something like that. EON Blue are about to beat them up and rescue the prisoners when DJ Bedlam's keen ears pick up that Max Case, duplicitous duplicator from Philadelphia, is upstairs plotting to open the new alien box they found.

Our heroes rush to stop the master plan, but are delayed when Castor and Pollux teleport in to stop them! In the confusion, Max is able to open the box, and everything goes bright. When the light clears, the heroes find themselves in the same house, but everything looks different. In addition, a very old frail looking woman lies unconscious at their feet. In exploring the house and its surrounding land, they can find nary a soul. Crossing over into DC yields the same. No one to be found, and everything around them seems to be weird. They quickly deduce that they must be in the future, and begin exploring a way out. Suddenly they are set upon by a pack of futuristic robots. Things go poorly, until a group of ragtag rebels appears and saves our heroes from certain doom. The rebels tell the heroes to follow quickly! And so they do.

The rebels take the heroes to their secret base to meet their mysterious leader. The heroes don't know what's going on. It appears to be sometime in the future, nobody seems to be up and about up above the ground, and they have this strange unconscious woman with them.

The rebel leader comes down to speak with our heroes. He is a middle aged Hispanic man with long, dark, curly hair mangy with the dirt and sweat of a fighter who hasn't seen a shower in a long, long time. He smiles when he sees our heroes. "It is you," he whispers. "Do you remember me?" He asks. Recognition dawns on our heroes. "It's me! Leon! From San Miguel! I helped you find Champion! But where have you been since then? You guys disappeared, more than 30 years ago…"

Continued in Issue 5.5

Issue 6 - EON Blue Apocalypse, Part 2

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Previously, our heroes had found themselves inexplicably hurled more than 30 years into their future, with nothing but an unconscious elderly woman as a possible clue to their strange predicament. The world they found themselves in seems especially desolate. Soon, they come across one of the very few scattered remnants left of humanity. This band explains that the militaristic Alpha Draconians (aka Reptoids) invaded Earth, which had been left defenseless due to the anti-EON policies of the accidental President, Richard Forbes. The leader of the rebel remnant: none other than Leon, the mind reading youth from San Miguel, now older, wiser, and far more battle-hardened.

Leon is able to perceive a vision in the unconscious woman's mind, which he mentally shares with the heroes and his most trusted lieutenants. The vision shows the heroes and Leon's army together assaulting a military complex, which the lieutenants identify as Omicron Station, a Reptoid base built on top of Fort Meade to monitor and control all the human population of Earth. The heroes resolve to invade the base after Leon is convinced that to do so is the last best hope for humanity to succeed against the oppressive Reptoids.

The army is able to face off against the overwhelming odds of the Reptoid invaders only because of Leon's technopathic lieutenant Brad and his Power Cubes. The Power Cubes are adapted from Reptoid technology and give the army the firepower they otherwise wouldn't have. The heroes are also aided also by the Amazon warrior-like lieutenant Jodi, who knows the route to Omicron Station, because she survived alone in the wilderness near there before she joined Leon's army. The army ventures on to what is very likely to be their final battle, though they don't yet know if it will end in a victory or a defeat. Leon's second in command, the pessimistic lieutenant Austin, seems especially dour.

On the second day of the trek up the abandoned Baltimore-Washington Parkway, Brad is distressed to discover that all of the Power Cubes' weapon systems have failed simultaneously. He sets to work immediately, furiously trying to repair them, when just their luck, a group of robots supported by a fighter ship begin patrolling the area. Legerdemain's illusions hold them at bay while Brad is able to repair three of the Power Cubes, but eventually the machines are able to see through the illusionary cover and attack the party. The heroes put up a valiant fight, but learn that it is all for naught, as Austin shows his traitorous side and dashes to the space ship to be picked up by the enemy. He also reveals that he himself is an EON, with the power to nullify other EONs' abilities, hence why Leon would never have been able to discern his motives. Leon and his allies are distraught.

As the army plots its next move, the elderly woman wakes up and shows that she is neither feeble… nor human. Now looking very young but for her silver colored hair and timeless eyes, she reveals herself to be Eternity, the Nordian sister of Champion with powers over time itself. But something has disrupted those powers, as she can no longer move back and forth freely between the time streams. However, she still sees the prophecy in her head of the army marching on to Omicron Station and being victorious. The heroes and Leon pledge to continue on.

Early the next day, the army arrives at Omicron Station to begin its assault. The battle breaks out, while the heroes, Eternity, and the other EONs break into the facility. They run into a fleeing Austin, who reveals an unbelievable truth: the Reptoids are gone! Some entity controlling Omicron Station has driven them away from Earth. And now she seeks to remove humans, as well! Austin swears he never meant for this to happen; he only wanted to survive and try to strike a deal for the remaining humans. But Omicron was having none of that. And so our heroes redouble their efforts to get to the bottom of this.

In a holding cell they come across yet another sarcophagus like the ones that held Champion, Blackguard, or Eternity. Eternity says that it is another sister, Vitae, with the power of life. Brad is left to open this ally's box while the heroes continue to search for the entity calling itself Omicron.

They find her in a large room in the bottom floor of the facility. She reveals that she is trying to remove all the strife from the Earth, by removing everything that has caused strife, from Reptoid and Gray and now human and EON. Only Leon's army has resisted her. The PC's attack the robots in the room, while Leon uses his mental abilities to locate Omicron. He locates her beneath the floor of the room, just before he is fatally injured by robotic reinforcements who attack the heroes from behind. Enraged, Austin's nullification power flares out and down through the floor, nullifying Omicron's ability over the base, and the robots. Everything stops, and goes dark.

Prying open the floor panels, our heroes are shocked to discover that the entity controlling Omicron Station is former EON Force member Arachne, beaten and broken into a former shell of herself hooked up with wires and implants to the entire station. Without her abilities controlling the power, she cannot persist, and dies quietly.

The heroes take the body of Leon to Vitae, but because he is already dead, she can do nothing for him. He has passed on. She is, however, able to heal her sister Eternity, who is then able to take our heroes back to their own time. Eternity then leaves the heroes so that she can explore the time streams to find out what was so powerful to have disrupted her like that. But before doing she presents the heroes with a grim warning about what they've seen:

"The coming invasion by the Alpha Draconians is to enslave all humanity who can be affected by the EON energy. The Reptoids want to do this because out of all the creatures in the galaxy, only humans have the limitless potential to power granted by the energy. The power-hungry Reptoids will stop at nothing to contain that power while they still can, and use it for themselves. For example, in the future you just saw, the Reptoids took Arachne and hooked her into the Omicron Station to control their systems on Earth. That is the threat you face. I have seen some time streams where you have succeeded. You yourselves have seen one where you fail. But this time stream is still being written, and may be unlike any I have ever seen before. Good luck!"

Issue 7 - In Media Res

Saturday, September 6, 2008

EON Blue is blessed with a relatively calm month of August, which allows them to return to almost a semblance of normal life. Ellie Drew moves in with Betty Blackbourne and begins a job as a dance teacher. Morgan Fisher returns from her "business trip" to Mexico. Larry Allen, as Legerdemain, takes his first step into politics as an advocate for EONs and the new Department of Extraterrestrial Affairs. DJ Bedlam continues his music producing. And Keiko is tasked by Dr. Vaughn to research just who and what these Nords are that apparently were left behind from when the Grays first visited the Earth 10,000 years ago.

This calm is broken, however, when two new troublemakers enter Baltimore. Their arrival is heralded by an earthquake in front of the First National Bank of Baltimore. Landslide, and his beautiful partner Simoon, have appeared! Landslide, with his powerful seismic waves and ability to move through the ground like it's his own personal swimming pool, distracts the heroes, while Simoon, a villainess made completely of dust, sneaks in to rob the bank. The heroes contain the damage, but the slippery criminals get away.

Meanwhile, catching the whole thing on tape is local news reporter Patti Hellman, star of the Channel 11 news team. Annoying to EON Blue, they diss her, at great cost to their public relations. As a fix, Dr. Vaughn negotiates exclusive interviews between Patti Hellman and the individual members of EON Blue. Time for them to put on their best behavior!

The heroes survive more encounters with Landslide, Simoon, and yes, Patti Hellman (and her cameraman) too. Finally, through Dr. Vaughn's ingenuity (with the moral support of Legerdemain) creates a "Richter trail tracker" to track where Landslide is going to attack next. He also surmises that DJ Bedlam's sonic waves, if configured correctly, can counter Landslide's own seismic waves. Thus armed, the heroes prepare for their final confrontation.

This confrontation occurs right in the middle of Ellie Drew's exclusive interview with Patti Hellman! This time Patti wisely stays away, and EON Blue takes on Landslide and Simoon one last time. But not without plenty of property damage to go around! Landslide's final piece of property damage is perhaps the worst of all: A powerful seismic wave cracks a particular cell wall in Baltimore's SuperMax prison, which had been retrofitted by Dr. Vaughn and the DXA to house the region's most notorious EON criminals. And who's cell wall was so cracked? Why none other then the infamous Joey Fiasco, master of probability. What are the odds?

So with two villains down, but another one again on the loose, the work is never done for our intrepid team EON Blue!

Continued in Issue 7.5

Issue 8 - The Enemy of My Enemy…

Fiasco is out and immediately starts causing trouble. Dr. Tesseract is back in town and also causing trouble with his cult-like Order of Tesseract. No rest for the weary EON Blue, eh? But first, a clue sends Dr. Vaughn and Ms. Inazuma to the Aegean coast of Turkey to investigate a possible Nord resting place. Unfortunately when they get there they discover that the Nord is long gone, with signs pointing to the dark side of the moon as his destination.

Back in Baltimore, the followers of Fiasco have formed a Chaos Army. They raid an Order of Tesseract weapons cache, which Dr. Tesseract reacts to negatively. In response, Fiasco declares war on the Order, as well as EON Blue ("the Law") while he's at it, just for good measure. Chaos reigns as Fiasco and his minions rain destruction and terror across the city. They are barely contained by the combined forces of the local authorities, the National Guard, and EON Blue. At the same time, the Chaos Army begins to take down the Order of Tesseract. Things seem very dire.

After simultaneous separate attacks on Dr. Vaughn and Dr. Tesseract are closer to success than is comfortable, EON Blue and the Order of Tesseract decide to team together against their common enemy. Dr. Tesseract tells the team where to find Fiasco, then works with Dr. Vaughn to perfect the Heisenberg dampeners that can weaken Fiasco's powers. With that, our intrepid heroes race to the warehouse to put a stop to Fiasco's dastardly deeds.

The team arrives, after making short order of Liuye-dao, one of Fiasco's lieutenants. They sneak in to the warehouse under one of Legerdemain's illusions and begin their final attack on Fiasco. But Fiasco is prepared! Strapped to the inside of his coat is a Schroedinger bomb. As long as Fiasco is controlling the probability around it, it won't explode, but if he stops, then BOOM! There goes the neighborhood.

The team is almost ready to let Fiasco get away to fight another day, when the daring Ellie Drew decides she will have none of that. She focuses her incorporeal powers on the bomb and causes it to dislodge from Fiasco's grasp. Legerdemain forces it down into the ground with his telekinesis, and Fiasco is left without his bargaining chip! He tries to run, but DJ Bedlam is faster! Bedlam fires off a sonic burst just as Fiasco is able to hit a button in his office. Fiasco is launched into the harbor water, fate unknown, but with a large smile on his face as he goes.

Fiasco has tragically left his mark upon the city before he is dispatched by EON Blue. A series of eight explosions rock the city, one on each point of the Chaos Star adopted by Fiasco as the emblem of his army. One of these explosions take out the Baltimore laboratory of Dr. Vaughn. The team races back, only to find no trace of Dr. Vaughn. As the night wears on, Dr. Vaughn remains missing, and is feared dead. The mounting dread is only broken when a technician reports an odd email to Dr. Vaughn from Dr. Tesseract shortly before the explosion. In it, he says:

"I'll see you on the dark side of the moon."

Issue 9 - "The Dark Side of the Moon"

Our heroes gather for the sad event of Dr. Francis Vaughn's funeral. It is attended by many of the most famous and influential people in the Department of Extraterrestrial Affairs. Also in attendance is Dr. Vaughn's son, David, the high-flying "Icarus" of EON Force. At the wake after the funeral, however, the heroes are alerted of a mysterious signal that the DXA is receiving from an unknown source. With some help from the EON Blue team, the scientists decode it; it's a recording of "The Dark Side of the Moon" by Pink Floyd!

In walks David Vaughn, who knows the type of codes his father is capable of using, and instantly tells the technicians to look into the signal for more information. Surprisingly, they are able to retrieve the coordinates to a location on the far side of the moon. Our heroes and Icarus decide immediately: they are going to the moon to rescue Dr. Vaughn! David Vaughn has access to a Zeta Reticulan-technology powered spaceship and assorted gear that will get them to the moon in a matter of hours, so off they go on their adventure!

When our heroes arrive at the location, they find a mysterious moon base carved into the rock in the dark shadow of a lunar mountain. Even though the base was well hidden, though, they are distressed to discover that the villainous Tesseract and his Order are already there! A moon buggy baring his insignia has been left empty in the base's hangar.

Still, our heroes enter the base to explore and search for their beloved mentor, Dr. Vaughn. But shortly after entering, an alarm is tripped, and they are attacked by the base's robotic guards! The hangar door shuts instantly, trapping the heroes inside. Then a strange blue energy emanates throughout the room. The heroes find themselves powerless! They must explore this mysterious moon base without the benefit of their superhuman abilities.

Luckily, their space suits provide a decent amount of protection, and they find blasters in an armory in the base. The heroes explore the levels of the base, fending off other guard robots, Tesseract's goons, and a gaping lunar mine. Eventually, they make it to the bottom of the base, where they find Tesseract and his minions trying to force their way into a sealed off room in the base. And with Tesseract they find the bound and gagged Dr. Vaughn.

A climactic battle ensues, during which an errant shot knocks out a power conduit, restoring everyone's powers in the process. Tesseract thinks that the tide has turned his way, until the sealed off room is opened, and the powerful figure of the Praetorian enters the room. Immensely and muscular, with the silvery metallic sheen of a diamond-hard exterior, the former Roman soldier uses his ability to increase his mass to superhuman proportions to foil Tesseract's warp field, prompting the evil doctor to flee with his lieutenants, Mamba and Red Violet.

The good feelings of the reunion with Dr. Vaughn are cut short, however, with a dire warning from Praetorian. His moon base has been monitoring the recent activity of the Zeta Reticulans and why they have come to Earth, and he has come to an awful conclusion. The Exarch is coming to Earth. The Exarch was the freak accident of granting EONic powers to one of the ruthless Reptoids of Alpha Draconis, who normally can't be mutated by the EON energy. He has the abilities of all of the Nords of Earth, and has been busy leading his armies on a quest of intergalactic conquest. He was banished from earth millenia ago by the Grays and the Nords, but he has hungered for it ever since. For the Earth has the most powerful natural resource in the universe: human beings. Human beings, whose physiology is so pliant with the right application of EON energy. Human beings, whose powers are potentially limitless. With them under his control, there would be no planet, galaxy, universe, or time stream that could stop him.

But the Earth has hope in the form of the mighty human EONs that have already appeared. And they also have the once-slumbering Nords to help protect them. There is Praetorian on the moon. His brother Champion and sister Eternity have already been woken from their slumber on Earth. The others are his sister Vitae, who has power over life; his brother Spectrum, master of energy; his brother Frantic, master of motion; and his sister Tapestry, mistress of the mind.

If the humans can find all of the Nords before the Exarch comes to Earth, then working together maybe the planet will survive. If not, then they will surely perish. Will our heroes manage? Only time will tell.

Issue 10 - In the Land of the Rising Sun

With direction from Praetorian, the EON teams are dispatched to all corners of the globe in the search for the remaining hidden Nords. The EON Blue team is sent to far off Okinawa, Japan, homeland of teammate Keiko "Inazuma" Kaneshiro, to find the Nord named Tapestry, the mistress of the mind. Upon arrival, Keiko is reunited with her family that she hasn't seen for years while she's been in the States, but for the mysterious absence of her little brother, Katsuo. The team also meets local DXA agent and EON himself, the codebreaking polyglot Anshou. Embarassingly, Keiko's mother tries to play matchmaker between Keiko and Anshou.

The team settles in to their lodgings in the city of Naha. Keiko and a few of her teammates attempt to search out the location of her missing brother, after receiving no help from her parents, who aren't willing to even mention his name. After a botched attempt to sneak into a Yakuza-owned nightclub, the team retires for the night in preparation for a big day the next morning.

That morning, our heroes embark on a trip on the research vessel Mizuchi to search through the ruins of the Yonaguni Monument, and undersea city built during the presence of the alien Grays ten thousand years ago. But when they get there, they are beset by the villainous Black Dragon Gang. This gang of four EON criminals have usurped the local Yakuza organization for their own gain and are out to claim Tapestry themselves. A battle ensues, during which the criminal named "Liquid Metal" is captured by the heroes. Also, DJ Bedlam finds a strange artifact on the rocks near the ruins: an ancient amulet obviously of extraterrestrial origin.

The team returns to port for a dinner with Keiko's family, agreeing to renew the search tomorrow for Tapestry. When tomorrow comes, however, it brings tragedy with it. Keiko's parents are threatened by the Black Dragon Gang. The Gang claims that they have kidnapped Keiko's brother, and that unless Keiko and her team leave the country by the following day, he and her family will pay. Well, obviously, EON Blue wasn't going to stand for that. So a full blown investigation is started to find Keiko's brother and the Black Dragon Gang.

The investigation leads our heroes back to the very same nightclub that Keiko tried to sneak in the first night. This time, sneaking is out the window, as the heroes begin an all out assault on the top floor of the nightclub. Superpowered energy flows back and forth between both sides. In the end the Black Dragon Gang of four is down to only one member, "Madam Frost", while the other two, "Zero G" and "Magic Mirror", are apprehended by the heroes. Katsuo was found in the basement, and rescued by his big sister Keiko. In the rubble of the nightclub, Legerdemain find artifact #2: an advanced alien map of an unrecognizable landmass that shifts seemingly at random. When the amulet is brought in contact with the map, a beacon begins to blink at the center of the plate.

Katsuo is returned to his parents, chastised, and Keiko and the rest of EON Blue returns their focus to the task at hand to find Tapestry. But then Katsuo lets loose the terrible twist: while within the ranks of the Black Dragon Society, he overheard a deal between Madam Frost and the nefarious leaders of the Pantheon Castor and Pollux. Frost would turn Tapestry over to the two villainous brothers, in return for access to the power of the Pantheon. Castor and Pollux were meeting Madam Frost that very day!

Racing to the site indicated on the map, our heroes find an underwater cavern opening up to an air-filled, glittering cave. But alas, Bedlam detects the voices of Castor, Pollux, Madam Frost, and minions already there! A climactic battle ensues, during which Castor and Pollux are finally defeated. Under a rock, Morgan discovers artifact #3: an alien key. With amulet, map, and key, the team is able to find and open the sarcophagus of Tapestry and present her to the world.

Celebrating their victory back in Anshou's office, a sobering question is asked: "What next?". Almost immediately, Tapestry alerts them to an evil happening at that very moment in Washington, DC. Anshou hurriedly turns on the TV, and to their horror, the team witnesses the U.S. President and now-Senator Forbes surrounded by several agents who morph into the vile shapeshifting Howler creatures from several issues ago. The Howlers launch into the two politicians, and the two are assassinated on live TV. The Pantheon's two heads may have been taken care of, but not before their ultimate plan had been launched. The EON/human world lurches closer to full blown war.

Continued in Issue 10.5

Issue 11 - Zombies Take Baltimore

EON Blue returns to a world on edge. Vice President Katherine Swanson is sworn in as the first female President of the United States. But celebration is muted by the sobering circumstances that brought her to office. The search for President Jameson's killers is on, focused on the EON terrorist Dr. Clarence "Tesseract" Fitzgerald his Order. In the meantime, the rest of the country is on high alert waiting for the other shoe to drop.

While this is going on in full view of the public, behind the scenes the plot further thickens. A member of the alien Grays defects from their ultra-secretive ranks to directly help the human cause against the looming invasion of the insidious Exarch. Known only as the Defector, this Gray seeks to exploit the highly complicated, rigid, and formal Gray legal framework to justify its defection. To this end, it seeks counsel of the powerful Blackbourne Associates in Baltimore, and the extremely competent and connected ally of EON Blue, Mrs. Elizabeth Blackbourne.

The Defector tells of another member of the Gray that has broken away, except that it has joined forces with the traitorous Pantheon and their Reptoid overlords. This Traitor has kept the Pantheon going even as EON Blue and the other EON teams have foiled many of their plots. The Defector knows that the Traitor is up to something big, but doesn't yet know what.

Then suddenly, the other shoe does indeed drop on the world, in a series of coordinated attacks on all six of the EON zones in the United States. Blackguard and his minions attack New York City. A team of giant robots invade Chicago. Los Angelos is buffeted by cataclysmic flooding. The deep south is terrorized by a marauding beast man. Seattle disappears into a black void. And an attack of apparent zombie-people erupts in the Baltimore-Washington corridor.

EON Blue soon contains the first zombie wave, quickly coming to the understanding that these "zombies" are in actuality scores of mind-controlled innocent people. This complicates their job, as they must avoid permanently injuring the mass, but such a challenge is no match for the might of EON Blue. When one mob of zombies floods into the World of Tomorrow Corp's skyscraper, where Mrs. Blackbourne and the Defector are meeting, Keiko quickly evacuates them to safety. Soon, the mind-control wears off, and the city quiets down.

The hunt for the perpetrator of this deed leads the team to some surveillance footage of the event. On the video they spy Rashid Nasiri, a British Muslim physician who is a known EON terrorist who calls himself Epitaph. Just in time, Epitaph sends the team an ultimatum: send him the Gray Defector or he will launch more attacks on the city. EON Blue must plan carefully. They decide to send the shapeshifting Morgan Fisher in disguise as the Gray Defector to try to find Epitaph and his hideout. It seems to work at first, until it becomes clear that they are only taking her to a halfway house and then a group of minions sporting fusion Chaos/Order patches interrogate her and discover she is not the real Defector. A fight ensues. When the team interrogates one of the minions, they find out that Epitaph plans a jailbreak on the Baltimore SuperMax prison, which houses most of the super-powered villains that EON Blue has put away over the last many months. They will have to act fast to stop him.

Morgan and Legerdemain hatch an ethically dubious plot to prevent the release of the multiple, powerful EON villains housed at the SuperMax. DJ Bedlam sets out to attack the zombie hordes as they approach the suburban SuperMax. Keiko and Ellie Drew seek to protect the President and the Defector, who are hiding at Andrews Air Force Base, from a possible kidnap attempt. A climactic battle occurs. Epitaph has enhanced his incredible powers through gadgetry he stole from the World of Tomorrow Corp building, including a powerful force-field generator allowing him to lead his troops into battle. But the Sonic Speedster is able to keep him distracted long enough for Morgan and Legerdemain to carry out their deplorable deeds. Once done, they aid DJ Bedlam in taking out the villain.

In the meantime, a hitherto unknown group of EON villains arrives at Andrews AFB, including Simoon (the human sandstorm) and Liuye-dao (the willow blade, Fiasco's right hand woman) and two others: Manifold (a master of geometric force prisms and teleportation) and Backfire (absorbs and redirects energy). They break into Andrews AFB. Keiko runs interference while Ellie ensures that the Defector is whisked away to safety and the Secret Service takes President Swanson away. Once the Defector is loaded onto a helicopter, Ellie and Keiko escort it to safety. Unbeknownst to them, however, the President refused to be evacuated and stayed behind. As a result, she was kidnapped by the four. Can the country survive losing two presidnets in almost that many months?

Issue 12 - Reign of Chaos


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