Marlun the Magnificent - Characters


Marlun "the Magnificent" Weiszman

Player: Nick
Concept: A popular Philadelphia illusionist who becomes the greatest hero of his beloved city.
Power: The ability to mimic the properties of any object he comes into contact with.


Maximilian Case


Max and Marlun have a past that goes way back, to some terrible event that has resulted in the current enmity between the two. Max is an illusionist like Marlun, and a genius inventor/engineer of his own contraptions for his magic show. He is also a brutal and devious human being, seemingly motivated mostly by power, money, and his feud with Marlun. He likes the harder-hitting, more intense style of magic than the family-oriented, showman magic of Marlun the Magnificent. Unlike Marlun, Max has adopted no stage name, ostensibly so that he has no pretenses with his audience. Marlun though thinks it's just because Max isn't creative enough to come up with one.

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