Marlun the Magnificent - Introduction

Philadelphia: the City of Brotherly Love. But brothers don't always love. Often, brotherhood is marked by serious jealousies, angers, and sometimes, even furious violence.

Our story here consists of two nominal brothers. Although they are not brothers by blood, their ties are are ones that should be even deeper than that. They are brothers in a tradition that though it is as old as time, is often ignored or forgotten in this crazy modern age. But they have parted ways and each holds a deep grudge against the other. Yet now, the two of them are both independantly about to experience something they know should not exist.

Their names are Marlun Weiszman, or "Marlun the Magnificent" as he is known to his adoring (though, sadly, dwindling number of) fans; and the brilliant but ruthless Maximilian Case.

For these two are magicians, illusionists, professional charlatans, who make a living fooling other people into believing that they can perform the impossible. Then one fateful winter day, the impossible really does happen, and they both become privvy to it's infinite possibilities.

Because of this, their stories will intersect once again, and the course of the eons shall be forever changed.

Those stories continue here

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