In the land of Hovan, the people were persecuted and enslaved. Having enough of this, they set out to find a new land. They traveled until they reached a seemingly endless expanse of trees. Within this mighty grove, strange and wonderful things happened, like dreams becoming reality.

Only now, the persecuters of Hovan have found the refugees and their new home. At first, they only wanted to bring the people back to Hovan for enslavement. When they saw what this forest could do, however they wished only to exploit it.

So begins the fight for dreams against an oppressive reality.


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Dreamwalk X (As long as defending player controls X or more tapped creatures, this creature is unblockable.)
Afterglow X (X, Remove this from your graveyard from the game: Put a token into play that is a copy of the removed creature.)
Mindpower (When you play this spell or ability, put a copy of it onto the stack for each non-copy spell or ability on the stack.)
Rethink X (X, Shuffle this card into your library: Draw a card).


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