Savage Point - Characters

Playable Characters

"The Drifter" — Teddy Briggs


Teddy Briggs is a former amateur boxing champion from Philadelphia who fell on hard times — and the wrong side of some seedy characters in the underground boxing world. Finding himself on the run, Teddy flees Philadelphia, eventually ending up at the Hampton farm outside of Savage Point, Maryland. What happens in between is a mystery, even to him. Blessedly, the Hamptons take him in as a boarder, doing odds and ends around the farm while their eldest son recovers from his experiences in Afghanistan and their younger son begins college in Baltimore. Most of the rest of Savage Point hasn't seen much of Teddy, and he is the topic of much rumor and speculation around town.

"The Preacher" — Marian Graham


Marian Graham is the relatively-new pastor at Savage Point Presbyterian Church, having only arrived about five years ago. SPPC is the only church in town, and almost every resident attends at least once a year. Bright, cheerful, and energetic, she's made it her mission to get everybody in town to come to church at least once. She's mostly succeeded, too. Two notable absences are Professor Byrd, and Ms. Finch, but Marian hasn't yet given up hope.

"The Soldier" — Kurt Hampton


Eldest son of Albert and Emily Hampton, whose families have been in Savage Point for as long as anyone cares to find record for. Growing up, however, all he wanted to do was get out. So when he turned eighteen, Kurt joined the army, and was able to get out. Unfortunately for him, September 11 happened, and Kurt got shipped to Afghanistan. However, the first few years weren't that bad, so he reenlisted. Then things got worse. His squad was brutally attacked, and Kurt was the only survivor. Badly injured, he recovered slowly, but now he has his full physical health back. However, his mental health is still recovering, and Kurt still has nightmares and flashbacks from his encounter. He has since returned home to his parents farm, as they try to take care of him until he is well enough on his own.

"The Cop" — Gabriella Stevens


Gabriella Stevens was a tough and taciturn Baltimore cop, until one patrol when she and her partner were attacked by an unknown assailant. Her partner was killed, and Gabriella was left for dead, but she miraculously recovered after remaining in a coma for many weeks. Swearing revenge against the assailant, her demeanor at work became erratic, and Gabriella was pulled from the force. That didn't stop her quest for vengeance, as she continued to follow leads from more and more unscrupulous characters. The last bit of evidence she got suggested that the assailant was holing up in Savage Point, Maryland, so that is where Gabriella is now heading.

"The Professor" — Randolf Byrd


Dr. Randolf Byrd is a professor of Ancient Studies at Frostburg State University, specializing in the ancient Mesopotamian and pre-Roman Mediterranean. Though your job is just over an hour away, you moved to Savage Point for the much needed peace and solitude it provides. Dr. Byrd also has a talent for languages, and can speak with varying degrees of fluency almost any language originating west of the Indus River. He sees most of the townspeople of Savage Point as very much his intellectual inferiors, except for this new pastor at the local church, Ms. Graham. If only she wouldn't keep trying to convert him from his staunch Rational Atheism to the silly superstitions of the Christian church.

"The Doctor" — Abigail Rollins


The lone grandchild of the Old Man of the Mountain Emanuel Rollins, Dr. Rollins lives and works in Pittsburgh where her father and mother moved after her father had a fight with the Old Man sometime before Abigail was born. Her parents died in a car accident when she was five years old, and though she was raised by her mom's family, she was now also allowed to see her grandfather for the first time and spent many a summer down at his Savage Point Lodge. Around the summer of her sixteenth birthday, Abigail met both Ellimere and Cathy, both of them about the same age as she. The three of them had many an adventure around town, although Abigail stopped coming so often once she entered the University of Pittsburgh for pre-med and Ellimere and Cathy had some sort of fight. As a result, Abigail hasn't been back to Savage Point in years. Although she misses it a lot, life as a pre-eminent surgeon at a world-class hospital has kept her very busy and she hasn't had a chance to come back since.

"The FBI Agent" — Floyd Underwood


The young, intelligent, and handsome Agent Underwood could have had any assignment with the FBI that he wanted. He picked the dead-end basement of Unsolved and Unexplained cases. But he is driven by more than just challenge or prestige. He is searching for his father's killers, the shadowy organization Liber Universalis, who have been alluding investigation for decades and most believe do not even exist. But Floyd knows better, and pursues every lead vigorously. They are behind almost every case in the Unsolved and Unexplained files, but always two steps ahead of Agent Underwood. His latest case will take him to the tiny town of Savage Point, Maryland. He has reason to believe that the highest echelon of Liber Universalis will be there, and Floyd will be the one to stop them once and for all.

"The Flower Child" — Ellimere Finch


Raised by a small commune of pagan hippies outside of Savage Point until you were a teenager, Ellimere Finch had almost no concept of the world outside the small town. But when the commune disbanded, her parents were forced to move in to the town to survive. There they started a tea and craft shop to cater to the tourists that visited their small town. Ellimere became fast friends with Cathleen Sharpe, who just started living in Savage Point during summers for her internship at the Savage Point Lodge. But the two had a fight that neither talks about to this day, and they have never been seen alone together since. Ellimere's parents peacefully passed away just a few years ago, leaving Ellimere to her own devices to try to keep up the shop and interact with the tourists from far exotic lands like Baltimore and Washington.

"The Techie" — Joel Hampton


The much younger brother of Kurt Hampton, Joel likewise had dreams of leaving Savage Point when he grew up. A frail and sickly child, he feared that he would never be able to leave. Until he started using the computers at the local library, and realized that he was a natural. His parents scrimped and saved to buy him his very own laptop, and quickly Joel became a master hacker and computer programmer. He is just starting his first semester as a freshman in Computer Science at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, just thrilled to be on a trajectory away from Savage Point. Don't get him wrong — he loves his family very much — he just doesn't want to be stuck there for the rest of his life. Yet still young and easily impressionable, Joel has found himself a conspiracy theory afficiando, which he loves to share with anyone willing to listen. If there is a conspiracy theory out there, Joel has probably heard of it. And even if there isn't, Joel could nevertheless probably find evidence of a conspiracy.

"The Businesswoman" — Cathleen Sharpe


Though born and raised in the environs of Washington, DC, Cathleen Sharpe fell in love with the region of Savage Point, Maryland when her parents took her there on corporate retreats held by their companies. A savvy businesswoman, Cathy started interning under the tutelage of Emanuel Rollins and quickly became his trusted assistant and protege. As a summer intern, Cathy met Ellimere Finch, and the two quickly became best friends, until something that neither of them are willing to talk about tore them apart. Still, after receiving her MBA, Cathy returned to Savage Point as a full time executive for the lodge, effectively running it as the Old Man entered into his sunset years. Though cunning, ambitious, and somewhat ruthless, Cathy still has a soft spot for the easy-going, laid back attitude of the residents, although she still has to remind herself from time to time that most people here are not the cutthroat, power-hungry people she was used to dealing with back in DC. In turn, Cathy is well respected by the Savage Point residents, even if sometimes kept somewhat at arms length because of her sometimes off-putting demeanor.

Non Player Characters

Emanuel Rollins

The man known as "the Old Man of the Mountain", or just simply "The Old Man", Emanuel Rollins almost single-handedly turned around the fortunes of declining Savage Point, Maryland. He was a wealthy land developer who saw the promise of the vast, majestic, and historic tiny town and founded the Savage Point Lodge to take advantage of the location. Now the engine of the local economy, the Lodge attracts hundreds, sometimes thousands, of tourists each year, keeping the tiny town somewhat still on the map. The town residents adopted Mr. Rollins as their savior and unofficial executive of the whole town. Now in his sunset years, Mr. Rollins is almost never seen or heard from, and everyone expects his end to be near. That will be a sad, devastating day for the community, even if the Lodge is now in good hands under Cathy Sharpe. He has just been a constant in this town for as long as almost everyone can remember, and his absence would be noticed by all. There isn't a resident in all of Savage Point who hasn't been positively affected by kind, old Emanuel Rollins.

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