Savage Point - Introduction

There is a world almost exactly like our own. Its history, institutions, and people are nearly indistinguishable from what you would expect in the present day. In particular, the supernatural is neither expected nor accepted by the vast majority of the inhabitants of this world. But there is one key difference that everybody notices but nobody acknowledges. It only comes out in the loneliest, darkest of times:

In the middle of the night, with a waning crescent moon arcing over the ink black sky, an inhabitant of this world lets their thoughts wander into the dark recesses of their primordial mind. And then they KNOW. They know that they are not alone in this world. They know that something sinister awaits at the very edges of the fabric of reality, and that if they get too close, then this sinister entity will devour all semblance of sense and sanity, leaving them cold and alone for all eternity. Confronted with this terrible discovery, the inhabitant reflexively turns their mind away with a shudder, immediately forgetting everything they just saw, only believing that they got a sudden chill up their spine. They zip up their coats and wander back into the lights and sounds of safe humanity.

And all the time, something ancient and evil watches them from the shadows of dreams, as it has watched every inhabitant on this doomed planet, since time immemorial. One more night doesn't matter, not after countless nights of endless waiting. It will simply wait some more. The time will come for its ultimate return upon the earth, when all will suffer from its mighty wrath.


Savage Point, Maryland is a small town of about 150 people existing in this eerie image of our reality. Founded on the Savage River in far western Maryland, it is remote and forgotten by many. With its former glory days as a prosperous mining town a hundred years ago nearly passing away into myth and legend, Savage Point is a town struggling to survive.

The only thing it has going for it is the majestic beauty of its surrounding landscape, and its storied past through the ages. Its history took the region from sacred Native American ritual site to colonial trading post to booming mining town. More recently, wealthy land developer Emanuel Rollins saw promise in the depressed region and established a mountain resort outside of town. The corporate retreat and wilderness weekend destination for adventurers is probably the only thing currently sustaining the town in the present.

Besides the Savage River and the accompanying Savage River State Forest, other natural wonders in the area include the Shawnee Caverns — a site steeped in Native American folklore; and the eponymous Savage Point (often referred to as just "The Point"), a mid-sized mountain overlooking the community. Besides the Savage Point Lodge, other man-made structures of interest include the Old Coal Mines — with an abandoned railway link leading up to them; and the Spring Lick Bridge — one of the oldest stone arch bridges in North America and the only road entrance into the town.

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